Why do we have the Paralympic Games

Paralympics 2020"We are pandemic victims"

The Paralympics are scheduled to take place in Tokyo in September. But the para-athletes are getting more and more needy due to the corona virus. Due to a lack of competitions and training camps, many of them still lack qualifications and classification. In addition, it is still completely in the balance whether they will be vaccinated in time and even the games are not yet fully secured.

Not all para-athletes are considered to be prioritized vaccinates, said Friedhelm Julius Beucher, President of the German Disabled Sports Association
Deutschlandfunk. But he also did not demand any special vaccination rights for athletes. But he relied on the time factor, because 40 million Germans should be vaccinated by mid-2021, since the 300 para-athletes would not matter, he said.

(imago images / Beautiful Sports) Para-sprinter Irmgard Bensusan - "I am completely against a compulsory vaccination"
Para-sprinter Imgard Bensusan wants to travel to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo under all circumstances. Even if a vaccination against the coronavirus is mandatory.

"We are pandemic victims"

It is currently a dilemma that the para-athletes do not want to jostle for a vaccination, but at the same time do not want to travel to the Paralympics in Tokyo without a vaccination. He hoped that this would be clarified in May and June, when more vaccine would be available and more could be vaccinated, Beucher said.

The Paralympics can only be held if damage to health can be largely ruled out, he said
DBS President in Dlf. You shouldn't put yourself under pressure when deciding whether the games can take place in Tokyo, said Beucher. There shouldn't be a deadline. In any case, the IOC and the International Paralympic Committee have a duty here.

(imago images) Paralympics 2021 - The forgotten games?
Since "Tokyo 2020" was postponed by a year, the talk has mainly been of the Olympic Games. The big games of disabled sports could face a dire fate.

One is currently in a "terrible situation" in disabled sports, said the sports official. "There is no mass sports in disabled sports anywhere. We are pandemic victims because we have an enormous decline in membership," said the 74-year-old president.

It is true that the Paralympics are extremely important in order to win new members again and to attract disabled people to participate in sport, but if it is not justifiable from a health point of view, then they will not take place, said Beucher. Nobody is forced to participate.