How does a laser reduce wrinkles

Wrinkle therapy / Laser Skin Resurface Hannover

Reduce wrinkles with the laser, refine pores, tighten skin

Would you like to reduce your wrinkles or refine the complexion? In our practice you will receive laser therapy (Laser Skin Resurface), which is suitable for superficial and deep wrinkles in the face and neck area. In addition to wrinkles, we treat pigment shifts, sun-related skin damage, raised skin, large-pored skin and precursors of white skin cancer. The laser weekend peeling with the fractionated erbium: Yag laser has a particularly short downtime (approx. 3 downtime) and improves the skin structure and small wrinkles (video). The Co2 laser skin surface is particularly effective, but it is associated with an extended downtime (up to 14 days of downtime) (video).

We use various lasers for skin resurace, which we combine with each other depending on the desired result: so-called ultra-pulsed CO2 lasers, erbium yag lasers or a fractionated CO2 laser or fractionated erbium: yag laser. The skin resurface with the fractionated picosecond laser is particularly gentle as it sets small bubbles in the subcutaneous tissue (LIOBS) without using heat.

The laser treatment removes superficial tissue and, through thermal effects, causes the connective tissue to shrink (shrinking). This is how you can reduce your wrinkles. The effect is similar to that of the surgical facelift, only the effect is less pronounced. This is why the term laser facelift is often used.