Which products are eligible for Amazon Smile

First steps

How do I register my organization as an AmazonSmile participant in order to receive financial support for my organization?

Registering your organization is easy and free. To enroll, you must be an official representative of an eligible organization and follow these simple steps:

  1. Find your organization in the search box by name or address and select it. Be sure to choose the correct organization as many organizations have similar names.
  2. Create an organization administrator account and accept the AmazonSmile membership agreement on behalf of your organization. To do this, you must have the necessary power of representation in this regard.
  3. Confirm your email address (we recommend that you use an email address associated with your organization).
  4. If necessary, Amazon has the charitable or charitable work of your organization validated by donors help.
  5. Submit the bank details of your organization.
  6. Then upload a copy of a bank statement from your organization to verify your organization's bank details.

Who is an organization administrator?

An organization administrator is an official representative of an organization who is authorized to access the AmazonSmile program data on behalf of their organization.

Why do you need an email address for my organization?

We need a valid email address so that we can send important program information to the registered organizations. From time to time we will send out emails with information about the amounts your organization has accumulated.

I cannot find my organization on org.amazon.de. What do I have to do in order for my organization to participate in the AmazonSmile program?

In Germany and Austria, AmazonSmile is open to non-profit or charitable organizations. If you cannot find your organization at org.amazon.de, please go to the Stifter-help website to confirm that your organization is eligible to participate. If your organization is already registered with Stifter-help, log in with your existing account. If your organization is not yet registered with Stifter-help, please create an account. If your organization is based in Germany, please go to stifter-helfen.de If your organization is based in Austria, please go to stifter-helfen.at Stifter-help may take up to two weeks to check your organization's eligibility for participation . As soon as your organization's eligibility has been confirmed, the name of your organization will appear under org.amazon.de or smile.amazon.de. Now you can start the registration at org.amazon.de.

Can you send the amounts to our organization by check instead of electronic money transfer?

So that we can transfer 100% of the funds to the participating organizations, we do not send any checks for check processing and handling for reasons of cost.

Can customers choose my organization even if I don't register my organization?

No. Your organization will only be displayed in the list of selectable organizations on smile.amazon.de once you have fully registered, ie as soon as you have created a complete org.amazon.de account, you have agreed to the participation agreements and your organization meets the admission criteria (see "Which admission criteria apply to the participation of organizations? ").

Something different only applied to organizations whose non-profit or charity was validated by Stifter-helfen.de before October 8, 2019 and which were subsequently listed for selection by customers under smile.amazon.de in accordance with the earlier applicable provisions of AmazonSmile. If your organization is one of these organizations, it is possible that customers selected your organization before October 8th, 2019 despite incomplete registration and are currently still generating amounts for your organization through qualified purchases.

Further information on how such amounts from qualified customer purchases are managed can also be found in the "Receive payments" tab under "What happens if we do not register our organization"?

What if someone else has already signed up my organization without being authorized to do so?

If your organization has been registered by an unauthorized person, please contact us.

Via AmazonSmile

What is AmazonSmile?

AmazonSmile is an easy way for customers to support a social organization of their choice with every purchase without incurring any costs. On the new website, customers get the same shopping experience as they know from www.amazon.de and benefit from the same low prices, the same selection and convenient shopping opportunities. The difference is that when a customer makes a purchase on smile.amazon.de (smile.amazon.de), Amazon passes on 0.5% of the price of qualified purchases to a social organization chosen by the customer.

What are the eligibility criteria for organizations to participate?

In Germany and Austria, AmazonSmile is open to non-profit or charitable organizations. The eligibility of an organization to participate can be validated by Amazon through Stifter-help. Organizations that engage in intolerance, discrimination, or discriminatory practices based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age; Hatred, terrorism or violence; Money laundering; any other illegal, deceptive or misleading activity; practicing, supporting, encouraging or promoting are not eligible. When determining which organizations belong to these case groups, Amazon relies on the review carried out by Stifter-help, as well as on publicly available assessments from law enforcement agencies. All organizations must also accept the AmazonSmile Participation Agreement and comply with the requirements set out herein in order to maintain their qualifications. For technical reasons, an organization based in Germany currently has to have a maximum of eleven characters (excluding spaces or the separator symbol "/"), exclusively numerical tax number, and an organization based in Austria must have a nine-digit exclusively numerical ZVR number in order to register for the AmazonSmile program to be able to register. Although we aim to only include organizations that are classified as safe, we cannot guarantee the safety and / or behavior of the individual organizations. Please refer to the AmazonSmile Subscriber Agreement for full details.

How does smile.amazon.de work?

When visiting smile.amazon.de for the first time, customers are asked to select an organization. With every qualified purchase at AmazonSmile, Amazon then gives 0.5 percent of the purchase price to the respective institution, provided the organization participates in AmazonSmile.

Are there any costs for the organization or for the customers?

No. There are no costs for organizations or customers of AmazonSmile. On the website smile.amazon.de, customers experience the same shopping experience as they know from www.amazon.de and benefit from the same low prices, the same selection and convenient shopping options - with the additional advantage that Amazon has a share of the Passes the purchase amount on to a social organization chosen by the customer.

Do you charge administration fees or do you make deductions from the amounts generated from qualified customer purchases for organizations?

No. Participation is free of charge in all respects and Amazon transfers 100% of the collected amounts. In order to receive the amounts generated by AmazonSmile customers, eligible organizations register with AmazonSmile and provide a valid bank account.

Can organizations outside of Germany or Austria participate?

No. Eligible organizations must be based in Germany or Austria. In Germany, AmazonSmile is open to non-profit or charitable organizations. In Austria, organizations that are named in the list of beneficiaries of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance can participate.

What are Spotlight Charities?

From time to time we will feature one or more nonprofits from the full list of tens of thousands of organizations. We do this to make it easier for customers to choose which organization Amazon should support. To submit an application for consideration as a Spotlight Charity, please submit a Spotlight Charity Application. Please note that you first have to register your organization with org.amazon.de and that Amazon has Stifter-help check the status of your eligibility for participation beforehand. Log into org.amazon.de, click the Help link at the top of the page, then select the Spotlight Charity link under General Program Information to access the application form.

Can customers fund organizations directly through the AmazonSmile program?

No, not at the moment. Customers can support their selected organizations by shopping at AmazonSmile. Since all of the resulting amounts are financed by Amazon at no extra cost to customers, this is not a direct donation by customers.

Does Amazon collect a portion of the funds raised to fund the operation of AmazonSmile?

No. 100% of the amounts generated by qualified customer purchases for financial support of participating organizations are paid out by Amazon.

How can I get in touch with Amazon?

If you would like to send a question to the support team at org.amazon.de, please use this contact form.

What should I do if I don't want my organization to participate in the AmazonSmile program?

Without your consent and without accepting the participation agreement, your organization is not a participant in the AmazonSmile program and will not be made available for selection as a potential payment recipient within the framework of AmazonSmile. Something else only applies if your organization is one of the organizations whose non-profit or charity was validated by Stifter-helfen.de before October 8th, 2019 and which can subsequently be selected from AmazonSmile under smile.amazon.de in accordance with the earlier applicable provisions Customers have been listed. If this is the case and you are not interested in registering to withdraw amounts that have already been generated for your organization, please contact us so that we can immediately remove your organization from the list of potential payees.

Where does the information about my organization come from?

Amazon cooperates with the IT portal for non-profit organizations Stifter-help, which has automatically validated organizations registered there for potential participation in the AmazonSmile program. The information about the non-profit or charitable organizations shown is publicly available data.

How can I change the Organization Administrator name to someone else?

Log in to org.amazon.de and select "Settings" in the upper part of the page. Click the Remove as Administrator button. A new administrator must then register the organization and send the bank details to org.amazon.de again.

If your administrator is no longer with your organization, or if you believe that someone outside of your organization requested your account, please contact us and include a request to remove the current administrator with your message. Also, provide contact information for the new organization administrator.

How can I change account information such as email address and password?

Log in to org.amazon.de and select "Settings", then "Edit account information" or "Contact information". Note: If the same email address is associated with other Amazon.de accounts, for example the account you use to purchase products, the name, email address or password for your other Amazon.de accounts will also be used changed.

How do I update the bank details for the electronic transfer?

Log in to org.amazon.de, select "Settings" and then click the "Edit" button next to "Payment Settings".

How can I update the name (or other information, e.g. location) of my organization?

Contact Stifter-help to request an update of the information about your organization.

What should I do if the administrator of my organizations no longer works for our organizations and we have to change the administrator?

If your org.amazon.de account is logged in via an administrator who is no longer with your organization, please contact us and request the removal of the current administrator in your message. Please also provide the contact information for the new administrator of the organization.

Receive payments

How does my organization get payments through AmazonSmile?

Every quarter, Amazon sends payments to participating organizations via electronic money transfer. Payments are made approximately 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter. To account for product returns, a portion of the quarterly payments is withheld until the following quarter and used for deductions due to returns in previous quarters. For more information, please refer to the AmazonSmile participation agreement.

What if we don't register our organization and don't provide a bank account for an electronic transfer?

In principle, if you do not fully register your organization, customers will not be able to select your organization and consequently will not be able to make qualified purchases for your organization.

Something else applies exclusively if your organization was validated by Stifter-helfen.de for the first time before October 8th, 2019 and was listed for selection by customers under smile.amazon.de in accordance with the earlier applicable provisions of AmazonSmile and was selected by customers before the above date . In this case, if you fail to register your organizations or provide bank details for an electronic transfer, Amazon will still collect and store the amounts generated by the qualified purchases of AmazonSmile customers for your organization in each calendar quarter. As soon as you have registered your organization and Stifter-help has confirmed your organization's eligibility to participate, we will check your organization's bank details and, from the following quarter, your organization will be qualified to receive the amounts that have been allocated in the previous eight quarters. Please note that amounts allocated to an unregistered organization more than eight quarters ago will be redistributed among other registered eligible organizations at the next scheduled quarterly allocation. If you have not signed up and funds have been allocated to your organization, we will try to contact you to remind you to register.

What proportion of the customer purchase price does Amazon transfer?

Amazon transfers 0.5% of the purchase price of qualified AmazonSmile purchases to registered, eligible organizations selected by customers. The purchase price of an item is composed of the sales price minus shipping, handling, gift wrapping fees, taxes and duties and minus any discounts, returns and bad debts. Certain articles are not qualified for smile.amazon.de and do not result in financial support.

Which purchases are eligible for AmazonSmile?

Millions of products at smile.amazon.de are qualified for AmazonSmile. Qualified products are displayed on their product detail pages with the label "Qualified for smile.amazon.de". Among other things, recurring savings subscription purchases and subscription renewals are currently not eligible. For more information, see “Qualifying Purchases” in the AmazonSmile Subscription Agreement.

What is the minimum amount an organization must have accumulated through customer purchases in order to receive a payout?

The minimum amount an organization must accumulate to receive a quarterly payout is EUR 5.00. If the total amount due to an organization based on purchases made by all customers who have chosen the organization is less than $ 5.00 at the end of a calendar quarter, Amazon will withhold the amount and add it to the amounts due to the organization in subsequent calendar quarters be assigned to.If, on the other hand, your accrued amount remains below 5.00 EUR in four consecutive quarters, Amazon will pay out the accrued amounts in the following fourth quarter, even if the amount is below 5.00 EUR. Please refer to the AmazonSmile Participation Agreement for full details.

Can I see the amount my organization has received?

Yes. As the organization administrator of a fully registered organization, go to org.amazon.de (OrgCentral), log in with your administrator account and then click on "AmazonSmile Metrics" and then on "Download reports of all payouts".

I signed up but haven't received a payout. What happened?

If you have registered but have not received a payout, please ensure that the bank details of your organization that you entered in your org.amazon.de account are correct. You will also not receive a payout if your organization's income is below the minimum amount of EUR 5.00. Note that amounts accumulated in a calendar quarter will be transferred approximately 45 days after that calendar quarter. Even if your organization has not accumulated at least 5.00 EUR, Amazon will make a transfer at least once a year. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Win supporters

How can I inform our supporters about AmazonSmile?

At org.amazon.de you get access to tools with which you can inform your supporters. Log into your organization's org.amazon.de account and click on "Marketing Tools" to receive a link to a customized AmazonSmile home page for your organization that you can find in email newsletters on your Website or in social media posts. You also get access to a downloadable website banner and sharing widgets to reach your Facebook and Twitter followers.

Are there any restrictions on how organizations can apply for the AmazonSmile program?

Organizations may use AmazonSmile via email marketing, or with emails that contain information about AmazonSmile in addition to other content, via website banners, links, widgets, social media posts, and in offline materials such as direct mail, printed matter and Inform signs in accordance with the program content guidelines. Please refer to the AmazonSmile Participation Agreement for more details.


Will you give my email address or account information?

No. We do not share or sell email addresses or account information in any form. Further information can be found in the Amazon.de privacy policy.

Will you share information about the amount of money Amazon is paying out to my organization?

We may from time to time announce the total amount to any organization or specific organization that emerges from the AmazonSmile program or is otherwise made by Amazon; however, we will never disclose information that links withdrawals made to specific customers.

Will you share information with my organization about the AmazonSmile customers who have chosen to support my organization?

No. Amazon will not share individual customer information with you regarding customers who have chosen to support your organization. Further information can be found in the Amazon.de privacy policy.