What's your car's name

What do i call my car

No matter how old, fast, modern or rickety your own car is, you always have a very special relationship with your own vehicle. This often leads to a name being given to the vehicle that plays such a large role in everyday life. It was the same for me. But the question was: What do i call my car To make it easier for you to find a name, we have researched for you how to name your car.

So what do I call my car? The most popular are diminutions like “Baby”, “Schnucki” or “My Dicker”. Closely followed by names like Hugo, Helmut or Emma. If that's not for you, think about what the color or shape of the car reminds you of. Does it look like a tree frog? There are no limits to your imagination!

According to a survey by the largest car market in Europe, AutoScout24, 40 percent of women and almost 25 percent of men give their car a name.

But which names are they? We have taken a closer look at it for you and the most popular, well-known, but also embarrassing car names listed for you guys.

You know which one Automakers called their car model Kothaufen or which vehicle model was also known as the tree frog?

You will get the answers in the following article.

What are the most popular names?

It turned out that trivializations are particularly popular when it comes to naming. A full 31 percent use belittling nicknames such as "Baby", "Little one", "Schnucki" or "My fat one".

Do men call their cars differently than women?

It is not surprising that this proportion is as high as 41 percent for women. According to researchers, this is because women develop stronger emotional bonds.

Nice fact: the most popular nickname for men is "baby". Somehow that is not surprising either. Because this nickname promises men a feeling of superiority and gives them back a touch of conservative values.

What do the Germans call their car?

As already mentioned, the most popular car names are belittled such as "Baby", "Little", "Schnucki" or "My Dicker". But in addition to diminutive names, women's and men's names are also particularly popular with car enthusiasts.

Real names or rather descriptive names?

It is interesting to know that 10 percent of the cars have a women's name like "Emma" or "Susi" and a full 6 percent have a men's name like "Hugo", "Helmut" or "Jimmy".

Only 12 percent of those who do call their car by name, are resourceful. The combination of shape and color gives you the best things!

You can cheat a little

11 percent of those surveyed simply call their car by the brand. Not everyone remains completely honest. Some also like to talk about their Ferrari, which is actually a little red Fiat.

Sometimes you hate what you love

Even if the whole thing has been really nice, cute and sweet so far, there are also people who like you Name the vehicle with a derogatory name - namely a full 8 percent!

Often this happens out of frustration due to the peculiarities of older vehicle models. These eke out their vehicle life under terrible names such as "scrap cart", "dirt slingshot" or "ugly duckling".

Why do we give our vehicles names?

did you know that the ancient Greeks gave their vehicle a name? Even today we still tend to personalize our beloved vehicles that we use every day.

The car - from vehicle to companion

From the psychological point of view, we make the vehicle from "vehicle to our companion" by naming it, says Dr. Ralf Buchstaller, psychologist at TÜV NORD.

In fact, according to the behavioral science professor Nicholas Epley (University of Chicago), this tendency is a by-product of our social intelligence.

It helped our ancestors to survive if they were able to interpret social signals quickly and react to dangers in good time. Through evolution, we still tend to personify, or humanize, things to which we feel emotionally attached.

Emotional attachment to one's own car leads to humanization

Because most often humanization occurs when we are emotionally attached to something. For this reason, 40 percent instead of 25 percent more women than men tend to give names.

The psychologist Nick Neave, together with British researchers, also found that women generally develop a stronger bond with objects.

But that doesn't mean that men don't also tend to humanize their vehicle. Did you know that racing driver Sebastian Vettel named his first Ferrari "Eva"?

Can you christen your car?

Sounds too crazy to be true, doesn't it? But you can actually have your car baptized!

In Lower Saxony, a VW Beetle was christened Gabriel on Road Safety Day - and that in a Protestant church. With God's help he should avoid accidents and save human lives.

This may seem inappropriate to one or the other - which it certainly is in a church. However, one could move in the direction of the christening of a ship. Because that's not unusual.

To celebrate the day, simply open a bottle of champagne and splash a little on each of the four tires. If you don't want the expensive champagne, a cheaper sparkling wine will protect you too.

The most famous auto nicknames

Each of us has certainly been confronted with the well-known nicknames for well-known car models. Even if you had to inquire more precisely the first time, they will probably stay in your memory for a long time afterwards.

We took a closer look at it: What are the most famous auto nicknames?

1st place

Probably the best known nickname is the VW Beetle. Actually, however, its model name is Volkswagen type 1. When it was exported to the USA in the 1950s, it also received the very well-known name VW Beetle

"Beetle" is simply the English translation of the German word "Käfer". Since the Beetle models before 1954 had an additional strut in the oval rear window, this generation was also known as the Pretzel Window Beetle.

place 2

Second place also went to a vehicle model from Volkswagen: the Bulli. The Bulli, actually Volkswagen type 2, received other nicknames in the course of his life.

The minibus, which is still popular today, is next to the name VWBulli also as a VW bus or also Hippie van known.

Exactly where the name “Bulli” came from is no longer understandable today. Maybe it's because of the beefy front of the classic.

place 3

Our third place is occupied by the Citroën 2CV. Especially the younger ones among us, this vehicle model doesn't say much at first. But if we tell you the nickname, you will know exactly what it is about. The nickname is: duck

This vehicle model got its name because its optics polarized society at the time. It was given very negative names such as "the ugly duckling" or "the freak", which over the years developed into the very well-known short form "duck".

4th place

Next we have this Strawberry basket for you. That got that sweet abbreviation VW Golf Cabriolet I.. This model is the open version of the VW Golf and was a real best seller!

In his typical red color, it probably reminded most of what ultimately coined his name: that Strawberry basket.

5th place

Now we come to the Ford Escortwho is also nicknamed Dog bones became known. The vehicle model received this name because of its distinctive shape and chrome-colored decorative frame.

Rank 6

Next up we have what is arguably the cutest nickname in our top 10: die Kissing ball. The small, round one BMW Isetta has gotten off quite well in the German-speaking area.

In South America, on the other hand, it was known as the “little egg” (Huevita) and in France as the “yoghurt pot”.

7th place

"Only flying is more beautiful". The popular Opel GT with the nickname Baby Corvette caused a sensation at its presentation with the folding headlights and the sporty, curved shape.

Since it was developed by an American design team that also introduced the Corvette, it was quickly given the name "Baby Corvette".

8th place

Humpback volvo ": It doesn't sound very positive, does it? The decisive point was probably the body line of the Volvo PV444 drawn through in one sweep.

This reached from the upper end of the windshield to the rear end and was really reminiscent of a hump.

9th place

What do you imagine if you use the nickname "Tree frog“Hears? Exactly! A little green car.

Interesting detail: the one built between 1924 and 1931 and painted green Opel 4 hp was the first car that was produced on an assembly line in Germany. As the model name suggests, the addition "4 HP" refers to the engine power.

Place 10

Last but not least, we come to the good old one Trabbi. The Trabant 601 was built in the GDR from 1964 to 1990 and is a kind of all-German cult car. The Trabant 601 was produced more than three million times.

His other nicknames like Racing cardboard, Plastic bomber or cardboard, it received because of the popular claim that the body was made of cardboard. That was of course not the case.

Heaven and Hell - the naming of the automaker

But cars are not only named by their owners. They are given their own individual model names during development.

In many cases it shows that the original view of good and bad, heaven and hell, angels and demons, plays a very large role.

If you look at the names in question, then probably more cars come from Hell than from Heaven.

Examples of demonic vehicle models are the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Dodge Challenger Demon, Hellcat or Diablo.

Only a few model names from the kingdom of heaven stand in the way of this. The best known are probably the BMW baroque angel and Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph.

Different language, different meaning: the 5 most embarrassing car names

In the case of cars, the model designation should not normally play a major role. But sometimes it gets really embarrassing. We did some research for you and they 5 most embarrassing car names found.

  1. Rolls-Royce Silver Mist: after this term was rather badly received than right in German-speaking countries, it was renamed Silver shadow.
  2. Audi e-tron: the French probably all laughed out loud at this model name. Because in French "étron" means dung heap.
  3. If we stay with the French, that'll be the case here Audi TT Coupé on. Because in French "Tête coupé" means headless.
  4. Let's go to Fiat now. With your Fiat Uno the Italian manufacturer launched the “Trottel” vehicle model in Finland.
  5. The Mitsubishi Pajero drives around in Latin American countries as "Montero" because "pajero" means WichsXX there.

Other questions:

It's hard to believe: there is even a “Name-your-car” day! Translated, this means: "Give-your-car-a-name" tag. But when is the “Name your car” day?

So when is the "Name-your-car" day? The "Name-your-car" -Day is every year on October 2nd. It is intended to remind those who love their car so much that they also give the vehicle a name. By the way, not so few do that! 40 percent of women and around 25 percent of men in Germany have given their cars a name.

Many vehicle owners would also like to personalize their car using the license plate. But is it so easy to choose a license plate of your choice?

So, can you choose a license plate of your choice? Yes, you can choose a license plate of your choice. However, the abbreviation for the city or the district is firmly prescribed. The following letters and the number combination can be freely chosen, provided that they are still available. Simply check the availability online at your admissions office.