Barack Obama is a legendary American

The USA, Barack Obama and the American Dream

Barack Obama sees his election as a sign that the legendary American Dream is far from over. He is expected to make the impossible possible, in domestic and foreign, defense and economic policy. A few weeks after Obama's inauguration, the former Swiss ambassador in Washington and today's professor of international relations asks the crucial questions: Where is the USA going under Obama? Can the new president lead the country out of its crisis? Can the great expectations be met at all? When the cabinet list is cleared, Obama's inaugural speech has passed and the first 100 days are over, the practical questions of everyday political life will arise. Only a few weeks after the new president took office, the author shows Obama's chances and dangers, his possibilities and limits. In his highly topical book, the USA expert and former Swiss ambassador in Washington examines the fragile transatlantic relationship and asks whether new partnerships are being developed or whether there will be new misunderstandings and irritations. How will the new president tackle foreign and global issues in Afghanistan, Russia, the Middle East and China? What can the partners in NATO or the WTO programs expect? Will the USA, for example in the fiscal disputes, make a front with Europe against Switzerland? America's path will not remain without effects on the course of Europe and Switzerland. Alfred Defago shows where it can go? from an American perspective, but seen through European glasses.