How do I wire a bridge rectifier


Thursday, December 25, 2008, 11:28 am

Hello Peter, hello seamless,

Thanks for your detailed answers.
You probably have more knowledge than I do when it comes to electronics.

But I know that it works, with my 2nd circuit construction it worked.
I can't quite see the answer to my question from Peter's picture because the outputs are not indicated with polarities here.

I'm trying to ask my question again (I probably presented it inappropriately).


How can I reduce 7.2 volts so that it doesn't damage my Graupner receiver? Answer 2 diodes. Heard you could do that with a GLR (compact and high currents and 1.5 euros at C ...)

1. I only use the GLR to use 2 diodes! (Two individual diodes also worked, but with 25 amps they are more expensive and heavier than the one GLR).
In addition, I don't really like hanging individual parts on wires on the plane, so I prefer the "box" with the 4 diodes (called rectifiers).

So when I look at Peter's circuit diagram, the current probably goes through D2 and D1 and in parallel through D4 and D3. If that is the case, I probably use 4 diodes but 2 of them in parallel. As long as there is a 1.4 volt voltage reduction, that's fine with me.

But has little to do with my question of polarity, does it?

2. I do not use the two AC voltage connections on the GLR!

3. I have connected the battery minus to the GLR minus and on to the consumer (nothing happens)
Where there is Ua in Peter's picture, a "+" is stamped on one side of my GLR and a "-" is stamped on the opposite side.

4. I have connected the battery plus to the GLR minus, it works.

Now my question:

Why do I have to switch the connections upside down for it to work?
(Everything else in model making goes up in smoke if you reverse the polarity, here you have to do it and I would like to know why.

Thank you very much for your patience!


You are of course right: Of course, the switch function is only possible if you do the same with a 2nd GLR and the 2nd battery.

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