What are some favorite laugh yoga exercises

These laughter yoga exercises are a miracle weapon against stress!

Laughter makes you happy and healthy. We'll show you the best laughter yoga exercises and we'll tell you why you should smile every day!

Have you already laughed really heartily today? Probably not. Or is it? And adults often lose their laughter in everyday life. It is so healthy for us! We only get 15 laughs a day. Children can do up to 400 times a day.

We can really learn something from the little ones. Because laughter is very healthy. With a simple smile we can enormously increase our quality of life. Whoever smiles attracts positive energy and can drive away negative thoughts.

And best of all: Laughter is the number 1 stress killer!

You can find out in this post

Easy said but hard done, right? There are laughter yoga exercises for everyone whose smile is a little rusty. It's a lot of fun and drives away grief and worries.

That is why laughter is so incredibly healthy!

Yes, everyone has days when they really don't feel like laughing. But it is precisely on days like this that we should try hard. Because you release happiness hormones in the body.

Doing laughter yoga exercises means nothing else than smiling for no reason. They help us get in the mood and make us laugh.

Often times, the exercises can seem a bit artificial and stiff at first. But that gets a lot better and looser over time.

The book “Laughing Without Reason” by Dr. Madan Kataria at Amazon can help you understand how Laughter Yoga works, where it comes from and what exactly it does.

These 8 anti-stress exercises work immediately!

7 laughter yoga exercises that you can do right away

Had a bad day? Bad mood? Then you will find exercises here that you can imitate right away. They are guaranteed to work if you get involved.

1. Smile at your reflection

Perfect for a good start to the morning. Also suitable for morning grouches!

Smile at your reflection. Best when combing and brushing your teeth. Instead of staring rigidly in the air or on the ground. Do you smile consciously at yourself. You can also flirt or laugh heartily. Give it a try! Good mood guaranteed.

But also works during the day. If you go to the toilet and your hands grow bigger afterwards, you are guaranteed to find a mirror. I would do without hearty loud laughter at work, however, that could be a bit strange :)

2. The Ho-ha-ha exercise

Clearly one of the laughter yoga exercises that are better done at home and not at work.

You speak “Ho Ha Ha” and clap your hands. It is important that your hands are fully open and that you clap loudly.

You stimulate the acupressure points on the palms of your hands and get a warming and comforting feeling.

Speaking aloud comes from yoga. And tempts you to breathe in and out deeply. Do this exercise at least 7 times in a row.

By the way, some yogis also call this exercise “Santa Claus exercise”. :)

3. Put up smileys

We forget to laugh, especially on stressful days. We are simply too busy. A smile would do us good right now. This is one of those laughter therapy exercises that always works.

You can help a little. Get funny post-its or design your own. The important thing is that they have to smile at you.

Even if only one piece of paper smiles at you, our brain evaluates it as a positive experience and we automatically laugh back. You feel better immediately.

4. Hearty ascending laughter

Now it's getting really funny and a little bit bizarre. But don't let that confuse you.

Swing your arms in the air and let them fall again. Do this 3-4x.

Then clap your hands and shout Ho Ho Ha Ha. Try to smile or laugh as best you can. You do that 5-6x.

This is followed by two very deep breaths.

By the way: It can help you if you do this exercise in front of the mirror. You're guaranteed to laugh automatically!

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5. Deep breathing as part of laughter yoga exercises

When we are under stress, we tend to breathe very shallowly. Our body does not get enough oxygen and this reduces the concentration. You may know that from work, when you are very tense and sit on a task for a long time.

Conscious deep breathing should help.

Inhale very deeply through your nose and raise your arms to the sky. This way, a lot of air gets into the lungs.

Hold your breath for 2-3 seconds, then exhale very deeply through your mouth.

Where's the laugh? There is actually no laughing during this exercise. But it helps you feel better and have more energy.

6. Pull the corners of your mouth up for laughing training

There are laughter yoga exercises that help even on days when we don't feel like smiling. This is a very good example of this.

Just pull the corners of your mouth out and up. Put on a smile and leave it for a few minutes.

You can work, clean, walk or do whatever else you have to do on the side.

This exercise is very simple, but it already helps our brain to be more positive.

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7. The book of life

Keep your hands folded in front of your chest.

Open it slowly and unfold it like a book.

Can you read what it says "Smile!"

Well then, smile and close the book again. You can do this exercise wonderfully at work.

Tips for everyday life with which you have more to laugh about

A little smile has never hurt anyone. On the contrary: the smiling person is doing indescribably good and it doesn't even cost anything.

That is why we would like to give you two tips that will sweeten your everyday life and that of others.

Smile at the people in the street

I don't mean laughing at or hearty, loud laughter that could be a bit disturbing. A slight smile is very good for many.

We laugh back automatically. And next time, you'll be the one to return a smile. Because positive charisma is contagious.

Bring a friend on board

You must have a favorite colleague at work, right? Tell her you're trying to smile more.

You can introduce a joke of the day. He has to be so stupid that you have to laugh for that and can't help it.

How a typical Lachyoga lesson is structured

Laughter yoga cannot only be practiced at home. For all those who want to deal more with the topic or who find it difficult to smile themselves, you can also attend a yoga class.

Laughter yoga classes are very popular and are offered in many cities. Just google for “Laughter Yoga Berlin” or another city.

5 reasons why exercise helps against stress!

You can't imagine a laugh yoga class at all? This is roughly how it works

  1. Warming up: Most of the time, this happens through rhythmic clapping. This activates the enthusiasm center in the brain, which reduces inhibitions. This is extremely important, because just laughing off the cuff in front of a group of people is anything but easy.
  2. Breathing exercises: They help us switch off. By consciously and deeply breathing in and out, we can lower the stress level. And we all need that urgently, right? Those who already feel ready can start laughing yoga exercises during or after the breathing exercises.
  3. Giggle: If you don't feel ready yet, you start with a gentle form of laughing - the giggle. We are already starting to expel the first endorphins here and it should be easier for us to switch to laughing with playful giggles.
  4. Laughter yoga exercises: After you have warmed up and now feel a little more secure in the group, you can start. There are tons of exercises. We told you a few. But because every yoga teacher and every group works differently, it is difficult to compare the exercises with each other.
  5. Meditation: And then at the end there is another round of meditation. This does not have to be the case in every laughter yoga class either.

Why you should give laughter yoga exercises a chance

Laughing is the best medicine and free on top of that, my grandma always said. And you know what? She was right about that.

And it doesn't even make a difference whether you smile because you think something is really funny or fool your body and just smile like that.

So we can just trick our body.

1. Laughter reduces stress

Are you in a good mood? Then just smile. Every time you laugh, your body releases a lot of happiness hormones. These endorphins ensure that stress hormones are reduced.

So if you have a very stressful day, then try to find a little time to smile in between. You should laugh a lot on bad days.

2. Laughter yoga exercises strengthen your immune system

At the latest on the first cold autumn days, many people lose their laughter. Our immune system is now particularly in demand. When we laugh, our body activates immune cells.

The stronger our immune system, the less susceptible we are to colds, infections and diseases.

3. Who laughs feels fitter

Do you remember your last fit of laughter that came from the heart? The tears roll down and we gasp for air. When we laugh we breathe very deeply into our lungs.

We take in more oxygen, which our body is particularly happy about. The result: We can concentrate better, are less tired and tired and overall fitter.

It can also lower blood pressure. On the one hand because you have more oxygen available and on the other hand because you reduce stress.

4. Laughter is a workout

Because we were just at the last fit of laughter. In doing so, you are also doing something good for your body. You can even speak of a little workout. Because when you laugh, a total of 17 facial muscles and 80 body muscles are involved.

If you laugh really loud, you will burn 50 calories in 10 minutes.

5. Laughter yoga exercises relieve pain

Whether you do laughter yoga exercises or just have enough to laugh about, both of these relieve pain. You can even use it to increase the pain threshold.

Scientists have been able to achieve good research results, especially when it comes to headaches. Just look for some videos with clumsy little kittens. They sure make you laugh.

Our conclusion

For many, laughter yoga exercises sound very strange at first. We're just not used to laughing a lot. It is very healthy and we should all smile a lot more often. Don't let your laugh be taken away, even on stressful days! Have fun and funny minutes trying out the exercises! :)