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These are the big four sports leagues in the USA

Professional sport is simply a part of the United States. Whether on the east coast, in the Midwest or the west coast - everywhere in the land of unlimited possibilities, people have their sports team, which is supported with heart and passion. While football is paramount in Germany, this sport only plays an outsider role in the United States.

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The NFL outshines everything | The NBA on the rise | America and Baseball - the MLB | The number 1 in ice hockey - the NHL

The real crowd pullers are the four major sports leagues for football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey. We present the four major leagues in more detail.

The NFL outshines everything

In terms of annual sales and audience ratings, the North American professional football league, the NFL, is the largest sports league in the world. The league consists of 32 teams that play in different divisions and conferences for a place in the playoffs. In this knockout phase, the two participants in the Super Bowl are determined. The NFL final is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and attracts tremendous attention. Even people who actually have nothing to do with the sport watch the Super Bowl. For anyone new to the NFL, Betway Sports Betting has put together a great overview. Among other things, team parts such as quarterback, running back and Co. are presented in the graphics so that the complex rules of the game can be understood immediately:

The NBA on the rise

There was a time when the NBA basketball league couldn't have rivaled the other major leagues. But the league has been growing steadily since the 1990s - and at a rapid pace. Global marketing in particular helps the league immensely. Compared to ice hockey or baseball, basketball is much easier to carry out into the world. Superstars like Michael Jordan or LeBron James have taken the game to a new level and were or are the driving forces of the NBA from a marketing point of view.

America and baseball - the MLB

Baseball has a long tradition in the United States. This can also be seen in the age of the MLB. Founded in the mid-19th century, it is one of the oldest sports leagues in the USA. If you take the pure visitor numbers in the stadium, the MLB is even the most popular sports league in the world. Around 70 million spectators are welcomed into the stadiums during one season. Like the other major North American professional leagues, the MLB also enjoys the status of the best sports league in its discipline. Not least for this reason, the final series of the MLB is also known as the World Series.

The number 1 in ice hockey - the NHL

The fourth league in the Big 4 is the NHL. While it ranks fourth in the popularity ratings behind the NFL, NBA and MLB in the USA, it is by far the most popular league in Canada. Seven of the 31 teams are based in Canada. The NHL is of course the strongest league in the world, even if ice hockey is also played ambitiously in other parts of the world, especially in Northern and Eastern Europe. The Stanley Cup is still every ice hockey player's big goal.

No matter whether you are a footballer, basketball player, baseball player or ice hockey player - anyone who plays one of these sports professionally will certainly dream of playing in one of these big leagues. When visiting the USA, one should not miss a visit to professional sports.