What is the life of expats in Kazakhstan like?


Kazakhstan has a diverse transport system which, given the size of the country and in terms of quality, is still expandable.

flightTickets are expensive, but offer the fastest and most comfortable way to get around the vast country. The state airline Air Astana mostly uses modern machines on domestic flights. There are also several small lines, especially SCAT, which fly to the regional cities of Kazakhstan and a few other destinations. Since the end of 2016, no Kazakh airline has been on the EU's "black list". The number of opportunities to get to Kazakhstan from Western Europe does not seem to have increased because of the fact that many Western airlines have withdrawn from there.

railroadTickets should be bought a few days in advance because reservations are required for longer journeys. Cash registers are not only found at the train station, but mostly also centrally. Buying tickets on the Internet is even easier. The prices are relatively low. The highlight of the Kazakhstan railway is the TALGO, which connects the old and new capital, Almaty and Nur-Sultan, on a high-speed line. 1,327 km are covered in 13 hours.

There is one that is relatively well developed and very inexpensive given the size of the country Intercity busNetz - also back to Uzbekistan. Regional and city traffic is served by (trolley) buses, trams and shared taxis (Marschrutka). Overcrowding is the norm on buses. Taxis are an affordable alternative. In Almaty in particular, many private cars are used as taxis, where the price has to be negotiated. In the meantime, however, there are also several call taxi companies.

Almaty has had a metro 11.3 km in length since December 2011 (after the opening of new stations in spring 2015), and work is underway on the expansion - but in view of the never-ending traffic jams and growing parking problems, only a glimmer of hope.

Right-hand traffic prevails on the streets of Kazakhstan. Compliance with the obligation to wear seat belts in the front seats and the ban on cell phones is strictly monitored. A zero alcohol rule applies. Nevertheless, driving a car in Kazakhstan is only for people with strong nerves because of the road conditions and the behavior of road users. Overland journeys in the dark are generally not recommended.