Is PHP good to use in 2018

Is PHP Still Relevant in 2019?

2. PHP is slow

The argument comes from another time, in the times of PHP 5.2 this may still have been the truth, but with the introduction of PHP 7 an incredible amount has happened here. The argument is like saying that Windows is slow because my last Windows machine was an XP machine with a Pentium III. PHP is now fast. Very fast.

PHP experienced a massive makeover at the end of 2012 and came back with version 7 in 2014. Many functions were added that can easily compete with alternatives such as Python or Ruby. The speed increased dramatically with version 7. A script that used 100 MB RAM in PHP 5.3 only needs 8 MB in PHP 7. The speed has also more than doubled.

Let's compare PHP with the alternatives. There are now quite a few here.

PHP vs Node: PHP is 3 times faster

PHP is faster than Node.js in all tests except in addition. Even in the multicore test, which at first seems a bit strange because a PHP script normally only runs on one processor core, PHP achieves 8 times faster performance than Node.js. We have known not only since the iPhone that it is not just a matter of the numbers, but also of what comes out in the end. PHP can process an average of 31,250 queries per second, Node.js only 5000.