Can you wear tights under blue jeans

What's the difference between Tights and leggings?

The leggings - the classic for the sporty lady with style

This figure-hugging women's clothing has been very popular for many years. In the vernacular, leg fashion is referred to as cut-off tights. She has long since conquered the world of women, no matter how old she is. Your feet are open and free. Do you want to wear these comfortable pants to exercise? Of course - it doesn't slip and hugs your body perfectly.

In summer, leg fashion looks casual with high heels. Who wouldn't want to show off their freshly painted feet? If you go barefoot in high heels, you deliver the perfect summer look. You can wear this popular piece of clothing with high or flat shoes.

These pants are flexible and therefore very popular with young and old. It offers absolute freedom of movement and the best wearing comfort. The very elastic material sits like a second skin on your body. This is exactly why it can be worn with a mini dress in summer without showing too much skin.

You can also wear them perfectly under pants or with a skirt. This leg fashion is versatile.

What are the characteristics of the tights?

Nylon tights look filigree and extremely elegant. Especially for the stylish ones among you who want to wear your best clothes all year round, or those who are successful in their wives' business, the nylon tights are ideal.

There are important rules that you should follow, such as: never too shiny. Nylons show themselves in fine sophistication with a costume or a chic business dress.

You don't want to wear the tights elegantly?

The classic leg fashion for women can be presented on all occasions. You don't want to freeze in your jeans in winter? The tights offer perfect protection against the cold. It can even be combined with socks and perfectly protects feet and abdomen. With wool tights, children are warmly wrapped up, which cannot be said of all legwear.

Opacity and DEN

Are there different strengths in this leg fashion? The permeability of both garments is measured in DEN. The higher the DEN number, the more robust the fabric. The more DEN the leg fashion shows, the more opacity the fashion delivers.

With a strength of 30-40 DEN you are sexy on the go. It lets the skin shine through easily and still looks elegant. The BEL40 from Bataillon Belette specializes in colors, the black makes the legs slim, the skin-colored idealize the leg with make-up color.

A 100 DEN hosiery is very opaque. This close-knit fabric is strong and protects the legs from the cold.