How can I rate my résumé

IT skills CV: 30 examples, classify, evaluate

- How to correctly evaluate computers and IT skills on a resume?

- Which representation is convincing?

- Our 30 examples will help you with the classification!

Collect important plus points by listing, evaluating and describing your knowledge. You can start with your application work at various points so that your CV becomes more persuasive.

For example in the presentation

- your foreign language skills,

- your training activities or also

- Of their IT skills, whose meaningful presentation we in this article illuminate more closely.

Practical tips: Use our 30 example résumés to get a concrete idea of ​​how computer and IT skills can be assessed and described in a much more meaningful way in résumés.

Strategy: optimally present IT knowledge

Basically, you will achieve more impact with your résumé if you explain briefly how you can use your IT skills successfully in your daily work.

A mere evaluation in school grades, which can be seen in many CVs ("very good", "good", "basic knowledge") is not particularly meaningful.

New job in view

Both in the written application and in the interview (free of charge: 100 questions) you should always argue based on the new tasks in your special professional field.

The quality of your IT knowledge is not a very abstract issue. It's about how you use computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones to complete work tasks successfully.

Example "Office Professions"

In commercial occupational fields, for example, it can be more about evaluations under Excel, working with customer databases or presentations to customers using Powerpoint.

Example of "logistics professions"

Logistics and supply chain experts impress with their special experience in SAP and merchandise management systems.

Example "IT jobs"

And IT experts are skilled in so many operating systems, programming languages, general and special applications that they often have to practice the art of limitation when formulating the "IT skills" block in their résumé.

Or even create an extra page for all the software programs that you master and use.

Gradations: IT skills in the curriculum vitae

In our consulting practice, we read résumés and cover letters almost every day in order to optimize them.

Computer skills and language skills are often rated as “very good”, “good”, “basic”. However, HR employees and recruiters find evaluations of this kind to be too brief and not very meaningful.

Immediately afterwards, in the following second example block, you will see how it can be done better and more meaningfully.

IT: Typical ratings

MS Word: very good

MS Word: Well

MS Word: Basic knowledge

You can alternatively Use the following information to rate your IT skills in order to more impact to care.

We like to use formulations of this kind in CVs. Both when evaluating IT skills, but also when listing language skills.

The advantage is obvious, the description of the first two grades ("daily use" and "regular use") is much more graphic, you can see the applicant literally sitting in front of the computer and working with the program.

IT: More impact

MS Word: in daily use

MS Word: regular use

MS Word: advanced basic knowledge

MS Word: Basic knowledge

Use year data: IT knowledge in years

The combination of evaluations of IT skills with the indication of years ensures more meaningfulness in the résumé.

Applicants with professional experience, in particular, can often score points with double-digit years.

IT: years

MS-Word: in daily use for more than 10 years

MS-Word: in regular use for 7 years

MS-Word: in use for 5 years

MS-Word: in use for 2 years

Success thanks to IT: computer skills in action

If specific IT skills are expressly required in job advertisements, applicants can explain in more detail in their résumé how they use the desired software in their daily work.

IT and work tasks

SAP FI: in daily use, especially for process analysis and improvement

SAP FI: Development and further development of sales controlling

MS-Powerpoint: Creation of customer presentations (key customers, trade fairs, events)

MS-Powerpoint: regular elaboration of board presentations

Logistics EDP: permanent adaptation and optimization of the inventory control system

Logistics EDP: programming of special user tools

Tactics: New tasks and IT

You can also combine these classifications with the additional specification of years.

In the supplementary description, make sure that you do not only describe the focal points that were important for the last or current employer.

Instead, focus on the new job. You have real scope here that you should use.

Perfect fit

In our consulting practice, we have had good experiences with describing IT skills more meaningfully not just once in the CV.

Instead, we always adapt the presentation of IT skills in the résumé to the respective target position. Consciously address all special requirements of the job advertisement in your CV.

Because not only the cover letter should always be tailored to new employers, but also the résumé.

Years, work tasks and IT

SAP FI: for 12 years, in daily use, especially in process analysis and improvement

SAP FI: for 8 years, development and further development of sales controlling

MS Powerpoint: for 15 years, creating customer presentations (key customers, trade fairs, events)

Logistics EDP: for 7 years, permanent adjustment and optimization of the merchandise management system

IT experts: divide knowledge into blocks

Proven IT specialists should divide their knowledge into several areas as part of their IT application in their résumé. For example in "programming languages", "database management", "big data", "e-commerce" and "network technology".

Examples of IT block formation

Programming languages:
- Java, SQL (always in use)
-mySQL, ABAP, VBA (very good)

Database management
-TOAD (constantly in use)
-Oracle SQL Developer (very good)

Big Data:
- Hadoop, Cloudera, Mahout (always in use)

- Drupal (always in use)
- Magento, WordPress (both very good)

Network technology:
- Cisco Prime, Cisco CLI (both in use for 10 years)

Certificates: Describe IT training courses in your CV

Further information on computer skills can be given in the IT curriculum vitae directly in the "IT skills" block or in a separate "Certifications and further training" block.

IT training in CV

July 2018: Cisco Certified Network Associate, CCNA

August 2019: SAP FI, ​​120 hours course

02/2019: Cisco Certified Design Professional, CCDP

04/2019: IT Infrastructure Library Certificate (ITIL)