Why is Dropbox Pro so popular

Dropbox vs. Google Drive: The Cloud Storage Compared

The basic features of Google's storage service have been around since 2006 - at that time, however, in the form of text & tables, not as an independent cloud storage. Google Docs and all other Office applications still exist and are an integral part of Google Drive. So if you initially limited yourself to documents, the offer has now become one flexible cloud storage become for any type of file. In addition, Google Drive is integrated with services such as Gmail (Google's email service), which makes managing and distributing files over the Internet even easier.

If you're using Google's office applications, that's the Cooperation with other users on documents, presentations or spreadsheets is very easy. Everything you create in one of these applications is automatically saved in Google Drive. Data can easily be shared with others, assigning different roles: Is the other person only allowed to see the content, comment on it or even change it?

Google Drive can be operated entirely via a web interface. File management is available to users via the website. You can create folders, upload files or entire folders and move them. But there is also a software with the name Backup and Syncin order to be able to work even more conveniently with the cloud storage. This works on Mac and PC or also on iOS and Android devices.

The software gives you the option of selecting selected folders on the Synchronize hard drive with cloud storage. If you make changes here, they will also take place in parallel with Google Drive - provided, of course, there is a connection to the Internet. For users who opt for the premium service Google Workspace, there is the Drive File Stream offer. This allows users to access the cloud storage directly from the file management on the PC or Mac without using the hard disk space.