Is it worth paying for Duolingo

Costs for Duolingo Plus

Hello, do you intend not to show the cost of the Duolingo Plus? Either it's very well hidden, or I'll just pretend it's done that way on purpose. So what does Plus cost? One-time price, monthly or annual fee?

Please send link, thank you.


It is of course true that the added value that one has with Plus is rather low. Offline courses and the Health Shield in the app are nice but not mandatory either.

But that's precisely why it's worth supporting the whole thing, if the money doesn't hurt you. There is practically nothing essential behind a paywall and there are a lot of volunteers who really go out of their way. I am very happy with Duolingo (at least with the English version. I don't think the German version is so successful in terms of the didactic concept)


  • Monthly 9.99 (will be automatically extended by one month at a time)
  • Annually 6.99 x 12 = 83.88 (one-time payment, will be debited in total)
  • gave another 3rd choice: 6 months: 7.99 x 6 = 47.94 (one-time payment, will be debited in total)

I would rather look at Duolingo for at least 3-4 months as a free version and not rush anything.

Plus offers you hardly any advantages on the web interface.
With plus there is also Not more content in a tree.


Only on the IOS platform can you use "Duolingo Plus" bsw. buy a "Health Shield", which is actually nonsense anyway because you could theoretically switch to Android; Unfortunately, "Health" should now also come here for testing - according to the April 2019 announcement.

There is still on the web portal no health.


The German-> English course (55 skills, 285 lessons) is not that big that plus really might be worth it.

But there is also the reverse tree: 121 skills, 458 lessons.

So what does Plus cost? One time price

"Duolingo Plus" are so-called Subscriptions.

They are automatically renewed at the end of the term if you are not careful.

Hello Thomas, thanks for the quick reply. I also live the tip to look at things. Sometimes the premium accounts have some advantages, but they are overpriced or it doesn't make much sense because the fun factor or the way things change from one level of learning into a negative one.

It would be more "useful" for idealistic reasons to support the project itself, but given the current didactic quality of some courses and in view of the fact that a large number of volunteers help free of charge, this is again rather questionable.

I chose Duolingo Plus and was disappointed with the offer. My expectations were to find new vocabulary and new sentences or even a test. I resigned from Duolingo. Should the offer become more varied, however, I'll be there again.

The topic can be closed. I haven't used Duolingo in a long time. I use the competitor Babbel with subscription and am very satisfied with it, I can work better with it. Thanks for your comments.