What civil liberties are being attacked

Fundamental rights : We take the freedom

There has been a lot of talk about freedom lately. And with good reason: it is an endangered good. She is currently under attack from various quarters.

The pandemic has led to a restriction of civil liberties in a way that has not existed since the Federal Republic of Germany was founded. Not only the “lateral thinking” demonstrators turn against this. The Chancellor also stated: "Corona is a democratic imposition."

The Basic Law assumes that the freedom of the individual, his basic rights, are threatened above all by the state, and therefore conceives the basic rights as defensive rights against state interference. This is understandable in the historical context. Under National Socialism, threats to freedom and the integrity of the individual actually came from the state. Under the influence of this part of German history, the Basic Law was created, one of the most liberal constitutions in the world, with a sophisticated system to protect freedom from state interference.

Fortunately, the dishes form a corrective

The state is currently massively interfering with basic rights to protect against infection. He does it under the rule of law, although the legal basis is controversial. In addition, functioning courts throughout the country have formed a corrective and reversed restrictions that have gone too far. Many people still view the measures with the concern that they might not get back all the freedoms that were taken from them in the pandemic - also because the executive branch may have found a taste for "ruling through".

But something else threatens our freedom, and that is not the state, it is those who make use of all freedoms, but are not themselves liberal. Some threats are inconspicuous or disguised in euphemisms. Be it radical Islamic mosque associations that have harmless-sounding names, be it gatherings like the anti-Semitic Al-Quds demonstration, which is allegedly against “Zionism and anti-Semitism”. The words are easy to hear - the danger is in believing them.

At the same time, fundamental rights cannot be denied preventively. They are also used by those who aim to get rid of them. Ultimately, this also underpins the dispute over the headscarf. It implies a fundamental mistrust of parts of society in the democratic stability of its supporters. There are reports from some schools that are suitable to support such mistrust.

Everyone wants to get rid of what annoys them

If those who themselves call for freedom and are not ready to grant it to others come to power when they populate courts and authorities, then the constitutional order of this country is threatened. The left-wing extremists from "Liebig 34" only have the word "freedom" on their lips for their own benefit, they would abolish the "pig system" immediately if they could, as would the right-wing extremists. There is still a long way to go, but it is being taken. It is mobilized, it is infiltrated. In the end, it's just a matter of majorities. If there is a “Pouvoir Constituant”, ie a sufficiently large number of citizens who want to overthrow the system from the ground up - it would be possible. And no Federal Constitutional Court could prevent it.

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