What are my domains worth

How much is my domain worth?

The question of how great is the value of a domain arises both for sellers of domains and for those who want to buy a domain.
The sale or purchase of a domain often fails due to unrealistic asking prices.
In order for a domain sale to actually take place, domain sellers and domain buyers should therefore develop a realistic idea of ​​the value of a domain for successful trading. If you have no experience with it at all, I should inform you about domain prices in advance.
Since domains were created for clear differentiation, they can only be compared with similar domain names under certain conditions.
In the absence of clear criteria, experienced domain sellers often help, who Domain value determine on the basis of systematic assessments.
Using a List of criteria for evaluating a domain The buyer can of course also get an idea of ​​what the domain could be worth to him. You don't always want to give third parties information about the business idea or the future use of the domain.
A domain name that is easy to remember is a good basis for many projects. The extent to which he supports his own project must be considered individually.
Both seller and buyer benefit from good domain trading: If the domain fits the desired purpose, it supports the future owner and an investment in a good domain name pays off.

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