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Lee Remick (1974)

Lee Ann Remick (Born December 14, 1935 in Quincy, Massachusetts, † July 2, 1991 in Los Angeles, California) was an American actress.

life and work

Lee Remick was born to a stage actress. She moved to New York with her family at an early age, where she completed Miss Hewitt's Classes and took ballet lessons with Ruth Swoboda and modern dance with Charles Weidman. It made its stage debut in 1952 during a major show at a music circus tent in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. In 1953 she starred in the play on Broadway Be Your Age and from this point on was regularly represented on the theater stage. In 1966 her portrayal of the brave blind was in Wait till it's dark (later filmed with Audrey Hepburn) a huge success, as did her London stage debut ten years later as the truck stop singer in Bus stop (filmed with Marilyn Monroe).

TV adaptations of her stage successes, e.g. 1972, are considered more interesting than her films in the 1970s Summer and smoke, 1973 The man who came to dinner. Remick also had success in television games, e.g. as the mother of Winston Churchill in Jennie, Lady Randolph Churchill or 1979 as GeneralEisenhower's chauffeur and lover in Ike: the War Years.

Despite her cancer (liver and kidney cancer), which appeared in the 1980s, she continued to work tirelessly on stage and on television, where she appeared in the 1989 miniseries In 80 days around the world played. She succumbed to her illness after filming the television film The young Katharina.

Lee Remick was married twice. In 1957 she married the director Bill Colleran, from whom she divorced in 1968. The couple had two children. In her second marriage, she was married to the director and producer Kip Gowans from 1970 until her death.

Filmography (excerpt)

  • 1957: a face in the crowd(A Face in the Crowd) - Director: Elia Kazan
  • 1958: The long hot summer (The Long, Hot Summer) - Director: Martin Ritt
  • 1959: Anatomy of a Murder(Anatomy of a Murder) - Director: Otto Preminger
  • 1959: a thousand mountains (These Thousand Hills) - Director: Richard Fleischer
  • 1960: Wild stream(Wild River) - Director: Elia Kazan
  • 1961: Confession of a sinner (Sanctuary) - Directed by Tony Richardson
  • 1962: The days of wine and roses(Days of Wine and Roses) - Directed by Blake Edwards
  • 1962: The last train(Experiment in Terror) - Directed by Blake Edwards
  • 1963: The second man (The Running Man) - Directed by Carol Reed
  • 1963: Separate beds(The Wheeler Dealers) - Director: Arthur Hiller
  • 1965: The Lady and the Tramp (Baby the Rain Must Fall) - Directed by Robert Mulligan
  • 1965: Forty cars heading west(The Hallelujah Trail) - Directed by John Sturges
  • 1968: the detective (The Detective) - Directed by Gordon Douglas
  • 1968: Bizarre Murders (No Way to Treat a Lady) - Directed by Jack Smight
  • 1969: The killer and the whore (Hard contract) - Director: S. Lee Pogostin
  • 1970: The biggest crooks far and wide (Loot) - Director: Silvio Narizzano
  • 1970: Don't trust a house friend (A Severed Head) - Directed by Dick Clement
  • 1971: You want to be giants (Sometimes a Great Notion) Directed by Paul Newman
  • 1972: Nobody could save her (And no one could save her) - Directed by Kevin Billington
  • 1973: delicate balance (A Delicate Balance) - Directed by Tony Richardson
  • 1974: The conscience / chase at midnight (Touch Me Not)
  • 1975: A man named Hennessy (Hennessy) - Director: Don Sharp
  • 1975: A girl, a mule and grandma's whiskey (A girl named sooner) - Director: Delbert Mann
  • 1975: bottom line (Hustling) - Directed by Joseph Sargent
  • 1976: the omen(The Omen) - Director: Richard Donner
  • 1977: phone
  • 1978: like a bolt from the blue (Breaking up) - Director: Delbert Mann
  • 1978: The Horror of Medusa(The Medusa Touch) - Director: Jack Gold
  • 1979: The Europeans (The Europeans) - Directed by James Ivory
  • 1979: Torn by love (Torn between two lovers) - Director: Delbert Mann
  • 1980: the grand finale(The Competition) - Director: Joel Oliansky
  • 1980: A summer in Manhattan (Tribute) - Director: Bob Clark
  • 1981: The fateful letter (The letter) - Directed by John Erman
  • 1984: Playing with fear (Rearview mirror) - Director: Lou Antonio
  • 1984: love fights (A good sport) - Director: Lou Antonio
  • 1985: Blood legacy (Of pure blood) - Directed by Joseph Sargent
  • 1985: the way out (Toughlove) - Director: Glenn Jordan
  • 1986: Emma's war (Emma's War) - Director: Clytie Jessop
  • 1987: incitement to murder (Nutcracker: Money, madness and murder) - Director: Paul Borgart
  • 1987 James Stewart: A wonderful life - Directed by David Heeley, Carol Burnett
  • 1988: Jesse - Director: Glenn Jordan
  • 1989: Around the world in 80 days
  • 1989: Entry to Hell (Dark Holiday, also Passport to terror) - Directed by Lou Antonio
  • 1989: Bridge to Silence (Bridge to silence) - Director: Karen Arthur

Awards and nominations

  • Oscar nomination for The last train

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