What are some low cardio workouts

With Low Impact Cardio you save yourself the gym

Are you listening with a guilty conscience as all your friends sign up for the New Year in the gym while you just can't bring yourself to it? Then you feel like many people who don't like sports who can neither do anything with spinning or the treadmill, nor go jogging when the weather is nice. We were therefore looking for a solution how to stay fit without spending too much and came across Low Impact Cardio.

What is hidden behind the relaxed workout

Low Impact Cardio means something like endurance sport with little impact. That doesn't sound very promising at first. After all, if you do sport, you want to feel something of it. But you shouldn't take the name quite literally. In the sports magazine Spark People, fitness trainer Nicole Nichols defines low impact cardio as all those sports that always keep one foot on the ground, such as walking, hiking or inline skating. In contrast, there are high cardio workouts such as jumping rope, HIIT interval training or intensive step aerobics. So sports after all, just not that strenuous?

The perfect fitness for those who don't like sports!

Yes, you can also do low impact cardio in the gym if you are jogging comfortably on the treadmill. However, you don't necessarily have to slip into your running shoes, because you can integrate this type of movement into your everyday life. After all, you can run anywhere: if your workplace is too far away to walk all the way, you can get in the habit of only walking part of the distance. Of course, you won't burn as many calories as you would if you jogged, but that's not the point either. Low Impact Cardio is aimed at all those who don't exercise who would otherwise not move at all or those who have to forego intensive training due to joint problems.

Anyone who simply moves again and again in their everyday life, be it through short walks or climbing stairs, constantly gets their circulation going. This is exactly what makes these little fitness insoles so effective in everyday life. By the way, you can burn even more calories if you walk a little faster in between. It doesn't have to be so fast that you get out of breath. It is enough if your heart rate increases a little. This stylish fitness watch *, which can measure your pulse, is ideal for monitoring this.

If running is really not your cup of tea, you can do these not-so-sweaty exercises at home in front of the TV:

So no high impact cardio?

So is low impact cardio the key to staying in shape? Funny, a few years ago it was the really strenuous sports like crossfit and kettlebell training that were considered particularly effective. They still are. The question here is probably not which sport burns the most calories per minute - because High Impact Cardio is much better for that - but which one is best for you. Because sport only makes sense if you do it regularly and have fun doing it. However, a little swearing can also help you lose weight while exercising!

Unfortunately, a small tummy cannot be trained away through endurance sports alone. But we have found exercises that are really effective:

I am also one of those grumpy sports people who would never sign up for the gym in life. However, I consider it possible to cover a few more distances on foot. At least the next time I drag my groceries home because I don't have a car, I'll think: Hey, I'm doing low-impact cardio right now. Do you have any further tips on how to integrate more exercise into your everyday life? Then always put it in the comment column!

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