Like to be a Scientologist

Scientology organization Beware of Dianetics! Scientology churches advertise with new seminar!

Scientology's basic work with the title "Dianetics" (looking through the soul) claims to be scientific and is often the entry point into the Scientology Organization (SO). Scientologists from Hamburg have been promoting Dianetics on the Internet for a long time. The "Church of Scientology Hamburg e.V." a "brand new Dianetics seminar". However, the participants risk their health and expose themselves to extremist indoctrination.

Inspired by the origins of psychoanalysis, Hubbard created Dianetics, the fundamental work of the SO, which deals with the control and direction of Scientologists' thinking. A distinction is made between a "reactive" and an "analytical mind", from which the reactive one is to be eliminated. The spiritual function of the "reactive mind", in which, according to Scientologists' teaching, human memories are to be stored, is regarded by Scientologists as animal, primitive, malicious, brutal and even as the cause of psychosomatic illnesses. Scientologists include, for example, bursitis and asthma as well as "sexual perversion" and homosexuality.

At the end of a lengthy and cost-intensive Dianetic process, the "Clear" should stand: A Scientologist freed from the "reactive mind" who only functions analytically in the interests of his organization.

Scientologists mean this being-clear when they talk about wanting to "clear" Germany or, better still, the whole world. In a society dominated by Scientology, constitutional principles such as the preservation of human dignity and the principle of equal treatment would not be guaranteed.

The "Church of Scientology Hamburg" and its press spokesman praise the "brand new" seminar and claim that Dianetics is a "guide for the human mind" and shows "what the soul does to the body". The intended goal is described in the words of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard: "... the vast and previously unknown realm that is an inch behind our foreheads: the human mind."

In fact, Scientologists are not becoming more capable and healthier as they are always promised, but are being significantly manipulated through systematic interventions in their minds.

The organization's recruiters work first with uncertainty and the search for weak points. Old thought patterns are thus destabilized. Then Dianetics and Scientology are touted as new attractive offers. When the belief in it takes effect, the stabilization of a new Scientological system of thought follows. At an early stage, the method of psychological influence leads to a limited control of reality and the possibility of external control.

The "Church of Scientology Hamburg" would like to present its Dianetics with new "visual representations" to all interested parties. Better not take this offer, because it is dangerous: "May you never be the same again!", Describes the SO its intention to change people's personalities. In the end there should be Scientologists who are loyal to the line.