What materials are ceilings made of

What material are stretch ceilings made of?

What is a stretch ceiling made of?

Roughly speaking, there are two different types of stretch ceilings available on the current market: the fabric stretch ceiling and the lacquer stretch ceiling. You could alternatively call these two types of stretched canvas ceiling and glossy stretched ceiling.

What material is behind each type of stretch ceiling? The fabric stretch ceiling is not, as you might have thought, a textile, but mostly a high-tech polyester fiber that is also suitable for installation in the kitchen and bathroom.

The stretched lacquer ceiling, on the other hand, consists of a hard-wearing PVC film, which after stretching resembles a high-gloss lacquered surface. Different decors and colors are possible for both variants.

What are the advantages of these stretch ceiling materials?

Both the fabric and the stretched lacquer ceiling have some interesting advantages that may justify the comparatively high price. These types of blankets should be of particular interest to allergy sufferers:

  • does not produce any dust, and also stores very little dust
  • Assembly without noise or dirt
  • no regular painting or other post-treatment necessary
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • Recessed lights can be integrated according to taste
  • No need to remove old wood paneling
  • low suspension height, starting at around 1.4 cm
  • three-dimensional ceiling design possible thanks to retaining profiles of different heights
  • long shelf life with gentle treatment (no pressure, no sharp objects)
  • Choice between many different decors
  • even photo printing based on your own template is possible

Overall, it can be said that the stretch ceiling has many different design options and thus contributes to individual room design. Added to this are the low maintenance requirements and the very high standard of hygiene.

Before you decide on one of the two stretch ceiling materials, take a very close look at the individual products and consider the different decor options.

Author: Elisabeth Fey - Note: We assume no liability for any information