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Please read the following conditions carefully. You may only use an instruction manual (“Instruction Manual”) for the Suzuki product (s) offered by us on this website (“Product (s)”) if you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions (“ Terms of Use").

Terms of Use
1 Scope
These terms of use apply to all your uses with regard to an instruction manual. If you click on the "View PDF" button, you are deemed to have accepted these terms of use. We may change these Terms of Use at any time, at our own discretion and without notice.

2. Scope of the provision
We can discontinue, cancel or change our services in connection with the provision of the operating instructions at any time at our own discretion and without prior notice.

The content of an operating manual can be revised or changed from time to time without any reason or prior notice in accordance with the change in the specification of the respective product. In particular, when you use the product, carefully read the operating instructions and any supplementary materials or their lists of errors that are enclosed with the product.

3. Prohibition
You are prohibited from using an instruction manual in one of the following ways:

any use that may conflict with these Terms of Use;
any use that may violate applicable laws and / or regulations;
any use that may defame, demean or defame us, third parties and / or products;
any use for the purpose of selling or publishing an instruction manual or providing services relating to an instruction manual for third parties;
copying, editing, publishing, or selling operating instructions without our prior written consent, except as permitted by applicable laws or regulations; or
in any other way that we reasonably deem inappropriate.

4. Industrial Property Rights
All copyrights, industrial property rights and all other rights with regard to an instruction manual belong solely to us, SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION or the manufacturer (s) of the products. The use of an instruction manual in accordance with these terms of use is in no way to be interpreted as granting a license to use these copyrights, industrial property rights and any other rights with the exception of such uses that are permitted under these terms of use.

To the extent that a dispute arises between you and a third party as a result of the use of an instruction manual, you are solely responsible for resolving that dispute; you also have us, SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION, its subsidiaries and affiliates, manufacturers, distributors and dealers of products for all costs, damages and expenses (including but not limited to legal costs, legal fees and appraisal fees) arising out of such a dispute to indemnify and hold harmless.

5. Disclaimer of Liability
We are not liable for the following:

if not all operating instructions for our products are made available on this website;
if the supplementary materials for operating instructions, their error lists and operating instructions for navigation, audio [equipment] or other services with regard to the products are not made available on this website;
the content of the operating instructions is based on the laws and regulations that were applicable when the products relating to these operating instructions were first put on the market, so that the content of the operating instructions may not comply with the latest laws and regulations; and any damage, cost or expense incurred by you or any third party in relation to the use or unavailability of the user manual.

6. Severability Clause
Each part of these terms of use is separable from them; illegal or ineffective parts of these terms of use leave the remaining parts of these terms of use unaffected.

7. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction
These terms of use are subject to the laws of Switzerland with the exception of the conflict of laws provisions of the canton. All lawsuits or other proceedings between you and us in relation to these terms of use and / or the use of operating instructions will be brought before the competent court (place of jurisdiction Safenwil), and you expressly, unconditionally and irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of this court.