What does the Aeon tarot card mean

20 - The Aeon Court

Category "Great Arcanum" (main map): these tarot cards show the great metaphysical relationships and the global laws of life. This is about the basics. They are always an indication of meaningful, superordinate relationships.


Rebirth, resurrection, finding treasure, inheritance, deliverance, new beginning, redemption, miracles, wisdom, revival, improvement and exaltation.


The aeon means a very long period of time that goes far beyond human capacity. The tarot card shows a man floating in space and colored deep blue, a symbol for high frequency energy (increased perception). In his hands he holds a transparent ball that symbolizes the entire universe. He looks at this sphere and in a moment of clarity understands how the universe works. He is now immersed in the divine omniscient mind and understands that he himself is that mind.

This realization changes everything in life in a flash. When we draw this tarot card we understand something, we have an insight and that just changes everything. In the light of this knowledge, the universe appears to us on the one hand infinitely large (countless creations, endless time) and then again infinitely small (the illusion of space and time, the void).

On this highly energetic breeding ground, miracles can even happen and fights believed to be lost turn out to be a victory. Relationships believed to be dead blossom again, hopelessness turns into joy and enthusiasm, weak drive into enthusiasm.

In the Buddhist lineage Kagyu (kadschü), whose lineage holder is not the Dalai Lama (Gelugpa) but the Karmapa, there is officially the phenomenon of spontaneous enlightenment. Spontaneous enlightenment is also known in Zen Buddhism.

Appropriate reading

Love and partnership

In love either a miracle happens because, contrary to all negative expectations, the positive breakthrough still occurs or you meet completely unexpectedly the person you have always longed for. This redemption will burst all your doubts and worries like a soap bubble. Love and joy now spread unhindered.

In a relationship, everything negative that is not fun and sorrowful turns into love and joy. The connections are now clear to them, they suddenly understand the creative mechanisms with which they can consciously and positively shape their relationship. You see, for example, the connection between affinity (sympathy), shared reality (experiencing things similarly) and communication (talking to one another, exchanging ideas).

When you increase one of the three forces, the other two grow with it. Perhaps they will also discover completely new characteristics or abilities in their partner that initially surprise and then delight. The aeon (or judgment) is a time of awakening and renewal.

Money and job

Financially, they could rake in a surprising big profit or see relief from their debts. Or maybe all of a sudden they have a great idea that will make them rich.

In their job they can either find the solution to a complicated problem or their value and reputation rise unexpectedly and enable them to climb their career ladder rapidly. It is also possible that you now feel the desire to develop professionally and begin to educate yourself through retraining or studying. Otherwise it is generally about redemption, harvest time, revitalization and renewal.