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Before the final: an interview with summer high-flyer Kubacki

In an interview, Dawid Kubacki talks about his plans for the Summer Grand Prix Final. The Pole is already looking to winter and wants to attack on the tour.

Four Hills Tournament: Dawid, what do you prefer? Snow or grass?


(laughs) That's a tough question. Both are very interesting, but ski jumping is normally 100 percent a winter sport. But it's a good idea to compete against each other in the summer too, because it helps us a lot to stay in shape. But I actually prefer the winter season, because that is the usual season for this sport. In addition, viewers prefer to watch ski jumping in winter. And that's why I prefer the cold months.


During the first three summer Grand Prix it felt like you were jumping in your own league. How did you experience that?


I'm not too fond of this. I knew from the first training session that my jumps were on a good level. But I still see some mistakes and a few things that I need to do better. Before the season started, I was by no means certain that I would be among the absolute top jumpers this summer. I had already figured out a place in the top ten because I knew that I jumped well. But not that it's going that well. I was very surprised by the victory in Wisla, because after the first round I was only sixth there. I was very happy after the jumping in Hinterzarten and Couchevel also showed that my shape is good enough to be at the top in the summer.


Only your teammate Maciej Kot was able to keep up with you at first. What is the secret of Polish dominance right now?


There is no real secret. Everyone knows that, just like in any other sport, hard work is the only thing that gets you to the top. And we do. Obviously we've done a lot right so far.


Anze Lanisek took over the overall leadership of the Summer Grand Prix in Tchaikovsky. What are your goals for the last two competitions in Hinzenbach and Klingenthal?


For me, the goals are exactly the same as at the beginning of the season. I compete there and want to access 100 percent of what I'm currently showing in training. And then we'll see what comes out of it. Of course it would be great to win the Summer Grand Prix. But I don't just focus on that, because I know full well that the upcoming winter season is at least as important. That's why I only look at my training and give everything in every competition. Because for me, all the training units are more important than winning the Summer Grand Prix.


But have your goals changed after this summer?


No, I don't set myself any placements as my goal, because it can always happen that the conditions change and you end up far behind. Even though you showed a good jump and did your job 100 percent. That's why my goal is always to give it my all and if things like that happen I'll try again next time. If I'm lucky enough, I can win.


Now winter is just around the corner and with it the Four Hills Tournament is getting closer and closer. Do you think that after the strong performances in summer you can also jump with the front in winter? Maybe even on the tour?


Yeah yeah That's what we work so hard for, after all. We always strive for the top positions and I am very confident that I can achieve them this winter. I am convinced that the good results will follow in winter if I continue to train like this. Then we'll see what happens at the Four Hills Tournament.


Why is the Four Hills Tournament so extraordinary?


It's a pretty old competition. And of course it is also an event that you enjoy watching. Every year a large number of spectators come to the ski jumping hills. That is also due to the appointment. It's Christmas, New Years and people have time to watch this event. I think that has a big part in making the Four Hills Tournament so successful. There are simply a lot more spectators than anywhere else.


Do you have a favorite hill among these four?


Difficult question. I don't think I have a favorite. If I'm in good shape, I can fight for victory on every hill. It is not that the hill dictates how to jump on it. You yourself have your fate in your own hands. If you do your thing well, you will be successful too.


What was your most memorable moment on the Four Hills Tournament?


Kamil's tour victory, of course! That was a historic moment. And it was a very nice experience for me too, because my teammate achieved this great success. It was very emotional for me that our team won this victory.


Is that the secret we talked about earlier? This special team spirit in the Polish team that many talk about?


In any case, the team spirit helps us a lot. We are a great team and good friends too. We compete against each other, but we also support each other at any time. And that helps everyone improve.


In addition to the Four Hills Tournament, two other major events are scheduled for this winter: the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang and the Ski Flying World Championships in Oberstdorf. Where is your focus


Each of these events this winter is very important. The coaches talk about it a lot: we have to prepare for the whole winter, the whole season, in order to be as competitive as possible. The Olympic Games may have a special position because they take place very rarely. But basically we prepare the same way for every competition.


Do you ever wonder about the political situation on the Korean peninsula?


Until now, I've never talked about it because it's not my job to worry about it. Of course, the situation is a little unclear. But like I said: I just look at myself, my goals and the preparation for winter. We'll see how it goes. I hope everything is going well.


What do you attach particular importance to in your preparation? Or what do you want to do differently from the other athletes?


As of now, I don't want to change anything, because what we are currently doing seems to be a good way off. The jumping shows that and we keep improving every day. We work well and I think we should just keep going.


Thank you for the interview, Dawid!