What is Auto Bid

Autobid General Information

Autobid is a brand of Auktion & Markt AG, founded in 1988. The company auctions used cars to dealers. Autobid operates eight auction centers in Germany and, since 2003, a platform for online auctions. Autobid auction centers are located in Berlin-Brandenburg, Braunschweig, Frankfurt-Süd, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Rhine-Ruhr and Stuttgart. The brand focus of Autobid is on the brands: Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz. The range includes cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, trade-ins, leasing and fleet vehicles, company and company cars as well as annual cars. A distinction is made between three types of auction: live auction, online auction and netlive auction. In the live auction, interested parties can only view and bid on vehicles on site. Online auctions are carried out exclusively over the Internet. Netlive auctions represent a hybrid of live and online auctions. With this type of auction, participation is possible both on site and online. Only full-time car dealers are allowed to register with Autobid. Registration is free. Successfully registered customers receive a bidder number from Autobid, which entitles them to participate in live auctions. A personal user name is created for participation in the online auctions.

General information about the online auction at Autobid

After the successful registration, the activities of the traders are controlled via the individual auction page. Vehicles that Autobid put into the online auction have been examined beforehand by employees and experts. To document the condition of the vehicle, it is possible to add up to 40 photos. The Autobid homepage provides information on which vehicles are currently up for auction. On the appointment page, the dealer can choose between online, live and netliveau courses. After the selection date and the type of auction have been set, the corresponding vehicles are displayed. During the auction, the vehicle currently to be auctioned or the next vehicle is always displayed. Bids on vehicles can be submitted in three ways at Autobid: Free bid, bidding steps or bidding agent. If the bid is raised above a free bid, the interested party enters his price in the bid field. The Bidding Steps option allows you to increase the current bid in certain amounts. With the bidding agent, the interested party has the option of setting a maximum amount for a vehicle. The bidding agent then automatically increases the bid during the auction by the minimum amount until it is accepted or until another bidder bids an amount above the maximum bid. After the official auction time has expired, the Hotbid phase begins at Autobid. In a period of 15 seconds, all interested parties have the opportunity to submit bids again. The highest bidder in this phase is finally awarded the contract.

Autobid - Advice for Dealers

The Autobid platform has become an integral part of B2B trading. Dealers who use Autobid can be sure that they are dealing with a reputable provider. However, developments in the used car market in recent years have caused the industry, which was formerly dominated by the big and well-known players, to be set in motion by new platforms such as pkwNOW. Renowned platforms like Autobid are increasingly confronted with innovative and extremely service-oriented competition. The reasons for this lie in the possibilities and new requirements that online trading offers. The classic used car trade, as Autobid helped to shape it, was much less dynamic than today's online trade. Those who had established themselves as top dogs and had the necessary resources could more or less rely on customers coming to them. The possibilities offered by digital trade in terms of service and ease of use have confronted the industry, including Autobid, with completely new requirements and competitive situations. It is therefore definitely worth thinking outside the box in the used car business.