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Beer: mixed beer drink

As Mixed beer drink is a drink that consists of at least half of beer and, in various proportions, of lemonade or juice. In the past, these drinks were only allowed to be prepared when the customer could see the mixing process, so a mixed beer drink had to be made in front of the guest. Since 1993, this procedure has been repealed with the new Beer Tax Act, so that breweries can also fill mixed beer beverages in bottles and kegs.

Initially, you could only buy the classic mixed beer drinks in the bottle, but today there is an almost unmanageable amount of mixed beer drinks on the market. It is particularly aimed at the young customer group, as mixed beer beverages are very popular with them. And the choice is growing.

The most famous mixed beer beverages are:

  • Alt-Schuss (Altbier with a little malt beer)
  • Banana wheat
  • Berliner Weisse with shot
  • Bier-Lemon (beer with bitter lemon)
  • Cola wheat
  • BMW (beer with mineral water) (also Snow White, cyclist dry or Radler angry called)
  • Diesel (beer with cola) (also called Krefelder, Drecksack, splashed, stiffened, cold coffee, moor water, dirt, dirty, beer cola or cola beer)
  • Monaco (beer, mostly Pilsener with a little grenadine)
  • Potsdamer (beer, mostly Pilsener with Fassbrause)
  • Radler (beer with clear lemonade) (also Alster or Alsterwasser called)
  • Russe (wheat beer with clear lemonade)
  • Pilsuss (Pilsener with malt beer) (also only shot called)
  • Schwuchtel (beer with apple juice or apple spritzer)

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