Is WordPress still relevant in 2019

14 reasons why we use WordPress

Page Builder

A huge advantage of WordPress are the page builders that can be installed via plugins. These are programs that enable a page to be designed using a drag & drop system. Here you can e.g. create a two-column line. A text widget on the left and an image on the right. You have already created a reasonable layout without writing a line of html.

Above all, in our opinion, is "Elementor"

Our favorite here is by far the page builder "Elementor". You can even use it to build your own themes without actually having to program. With the Pro version there are also a lot of widgets, i.e. building blocks that you can simply drag and drop to the desired location. In connection with Elementor, we also recommend the free “Hello Elementor” theme. This is practically naked and does not specify any undesirable styles.

With Elementor you can create your own designs, but you can also choose from many predefined styles. In contrast to many themes, with Elementor you can not only preselect entire page designs, but also select and individualize individual blocks or sections. This function makes it possible to create stylish pages with very little effort and absolutely without any programming knowledge.

Elementor is basically free! However, some options are only available in the Pro license. Elementor's Pro license costs $ 49 per year for a single website. In our opinion, this investment is worth the money!

The links in this section are affiliate links. There are no additional costs for you when you buy Elementor. Ammersee Media receives a small commission with every purchase. However, that's definitely not why we recommend Elementor. We think the system is good and we are happy to recommend it!

Would you like to buy Elementor? Then just click on the picture on the right or on the smartphone below.