Which drink is good for pregnant women?

Drink a lot! - which drinks are good for pregnancy?

Drink a lot! - which drinks are good for pregnancy?

At no other time in life do women take better care of their health than during pregnancy. We often hear this from gynecologists who work with BabyCare. No wonder! What the mother-to-be adds to her own body is given to the unborn child. It is quite logical that the habits in terms of nutrition and adequate fluid intake are put to the test very intensively.

Which drinks are suitable during pregnancy and which are not? We have put together some information.

Do I have to avoid beverages containing quinine during pregnancy?

Quinine - a product made from the bark of the Chinese tree - is used to treat some diseases and conditions, such as muscle cramps. However, this drug must not be used during pregnancy, because quinine is considered to promote labor and larger amounts can be harmful to the unborn child.

Quinine is also used as a flavoring in some lemonades, for example in tonic water. These are usually only small amounts. According to the German Aroma Regulation, non-alcoholic drinks in Germany may contain a maximum of 85 milligrams of quinine per liter.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment advises pregnant women against drinking beverages such as tonic water and bitter lemon despite the "small amounts" of quinine. Also look at the label of other "bitter" drinks to avoid the absorption of quinine.

Can I drink ginger ale during pregnancy?

Ginger Ale contains ginger extracts. Since ginger can trigger labor in large quantities, you should only consume a small amount of it. It is not possible to specify the exact amount that can be safely drunk during pregnancy.

What about drinking cola during pregnancy - the same applies here as for coffee?

Cola is one of those drinks that contains caffeine - and, by the way, a lot of sugar! Therefore, you shouldn't drink too much cola during pregnancy. Too much caffeine increases the rate of premature births. The critical limit is assumed to be 300 mg caffeine per day. The caffeine content of a large glass (0.4 l) of cola is around 100 mg, that of a pot of coffee 150 - 200 mg. So you see, the critical crowd comes together quickly.

Are energy drinks harmful?

So far there are no meaningful studies that give a definite answer to this question. However, since energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine (two to three times as much as cola) and various other substances that do not necessarily belong on the “list of healthy eating”, we advise against consuming energy drinks during pregnancy.

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