Why is the CVS receipt so long

CVS buyers keep receiving very long receipts and vouchers

Vikki Jackson was at a CVS in Detroit on Christmas Eve when the cash register went crazy like it hit a jackpot.

The receipt jackpot.

The printer spat inch by inch from a massive black and white receipt with 10 separate coupons for items like shampoo, toothpaste, and contact lens solution. Using a reporter and a metal ruler, she measured the receipt in the store's parking lot: 41 inches, or nearly 3½ feet.

But like many other CVS buyers, she wasn't thrilled to get such a cumbersome long chain of coupons - even if the potential savings were good.

"And this isn't the longest I've received," said 59-year-old Jackson from Detroit. "The guys there know me because I always complain. I worry all the time while I'm standing there waiting for it to be tick tick tick out."

CVS has been handing out these unusually long receipts for years, although the practice has become the stump of jokes and internet memes. Jokesters have compared long CVS earnings to Meghan Markle's 30cm wedding veil, the length of the babies, and the size of the vertical blinds. A California man once revised his CVS receipt to create a Halloween costume.

Since the receipts loaded with coupons are triggered by the use of the drugstore chain's ExtraCare loyalty cards, which are used to virtually track customer purchase information, Jackson wonders why CVS doesn't also virtually store the coupons and receipts - for convenience and the whole To save paper.

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Other chains like Rite Aid do it that way.

"Put all these coupons on my card; save the trees," she said.

Joe Goode, senior director of communications at CVS, said in a statement to the Free Press that customers actually have the option of declining paper receipts and sending digital coupons to their email or CVS mobile app. This option started in 2016 and has since "saved more than 3 billion inches of paper".

Goode also said CVS evidence does not contain the chemical bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, which is an endocrine disruptor that can be absorbed through the skin and has been linked to an increased risk of some cancers. In recent years there have been increasing concerns about cash register receipts containing BPA.

"Our sales receipts have been BPA-free since 2012," said the CVS representative.

Not signed out

Nonetheless, many CVS buyers have not taken the steps to reject paper receipts for the digital versions. Therefore, every time they enter the register, they still receive monster receipts. CVS buyers must enroll in the ExtraCare program to receive full discounts on items sold.

Temeko Manica, 50, from Detroit, was also presented with a long paper chain at CVS. She said she knew about the opt-out option, but since she was making the drugstore trip for her mom, whose ExtraCare account is still receiving traditional receipts, she had no choice but to accept the super-long receipt waiting for her.

"It would be beneficial if I completed the (opt-out) process. So it would be just like in the other stores and on your phone," said Manica.

Manica said she often finds helpful coupons on the receipts that can save up to $ 6 off the price of certain items. However, such vouchers often expire within a week.

"They run too fast for me sometimes," she said.

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Not all customers even use the coupons on their receipts, negating potential savings.

Suneth Jayawardana, 29, of Detroit, received a 33½-inch receipt during his business visit. He said it could be the longest CVS receipt he has ever received. He admitted that they often come with good deals, but said he doesn't have to redeem any of the coupons on the receipts yet.

In contrast, 46-year-old Cheree Williams from Detroit is a huge fan of the receipts and her many coupons, which she wants to use in stores as often as possible. You don't mind that the expiration dates arrive quickly.

"If you do CVS a lot like me, it doesn't matter," she said. "It saves you money!"

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