Can a mechanic get a girlfriend

Man is said to have published underwear pictures of the ex-girlfriend

The public prosecutor's office in Würzburg accuses a 31-year-old man from the Lohr area of ​​publicly displaying photos of his lightly clad, then girlfriend in autumn 2019 and of having insulted a friend of the woman on Facebook.

In 2018 and 2019, the 31-year-old defendant and the 29-year-old injured party were a couple. Because of disputes, there was a break in the relationship. After the young woman was "fed up" with her partner in autumn 2019, he is said to have distributed photos of her five times.

The victim's father found the pictures on the shoe shelf

On November 16, 2019, the woman's father found printed pictures on the shoe rack in front of the apartment, where they could also be seen by the other residents. By December 2019, more pictures were posted on the mailbox and on a trash can, each with comments.

In early December, the man publicly berated a friend of his former partner on Facebook. In the entry, which is visible to all, he accused the friend of parking her child with other people so that she can "go to the box with other men". He also accused her of undeclared work. The public prosecutor's office was accused of defamation and insult.

Defendant admitted the insults

The defendant fully conceded this point of the indictment and also apologized to the bank clerk during the hearing. In her interrogation before criminal judge Laura Paczesny, she admitted that she had also irritated and insulted the man through messages. But not in the public chat but in the private area. However, she wants all entries to be deleted again after a very short time.

The defendant does not want to have anything to do with the public display of his former partner's photos. They were pictures showing his ex-partner in underwear and bikinis. The woman herself sent one of the photos to the defendant, she said. How he came into possession of further pictures of her, she could not explain.

If there was intimacy between the two, the defendant said he also took nude pictures of his girlfriend at the time. However, these photos have not yet been published.

The defendant's neighbor claims to have seen him near the crime scene

Finding the truth was made more difficult for the court by the non-appearance of a witness. The man's neighbor claims to have seen him near the ex-girlfriend's apartment on the first day the pictures were found on a shoe rack. A 32-year-old car mechanic, on the other hand, testified that the defendant had been in the car workshop with his car during the time in question. This raises the question for the court whether the mechanic or the man's neighbor is lying. In order to clarify this, a continuation date is required, to which the witness will be summoned again.

Until the continuation date, the defense, who unsuccessfully proposed a discontinuation of the proceedings against a monetary deposit, has to read new documents. There is also talk of an expert opinion on other photos that could incriminate the already convicted defendant. On February 3rd, it will be decided whether the man is guilty or not.

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