Which artist originally sang The Weight?

Harald G .:It is gratifying that there are still bands today who follow the spirit of the late 60s and 70s and keep surprising us with high-quality music that is reminiscent of the pioneering days of psychedelic rock. One of them is The Weight, and I am very happy to see you in our interview corner today. Maybe we'll just start by giving us a short introduction - what your name is and where you're from ...

The Weight: We are Mose on bass, Tobi on vocals and keys, Andi on drums and Michi on guitar. Our control center and adopted home is Vienna, although we originally come from the far east and west of Austria. In this sense, we embody the Austrian wine-cheese axis from a culinary point of view. This is how Burgenland and Vorarlberg keep the country going.

Harald G .: When did you start and how did you find each other?

The Weight:We've actually known each other longer than the band existed. The first time the four of us stood together in the rehearsal room was in the winter of 2013. Shortly afterwards there were the first finished songs that we wanted to record as quickly as possible because we knew that Moses was going to NASA in California would. It was interesting how Andi found our guitarist Michi. Namely through a work colleague. But Michi didn't understand the mysterious caller on the other end of the line at first. We come from very different parts of Austria and accordingly our dialects are only compatible to a limited extent. But now that works too ...

Harald G .:How did you come up with the name The Weight? Ad hoc I came up with the song of the same name by "The Band" one, a group that some of us still remember from the legendary Woodstock Festival know their melody from the cult film Easy rider is still fondly remembered. Is that intentional or is it just a coincidence?

The Weight: That can only be a coincidence, of course ... But The band were of course a really first class troupe, which also applies to legions of other musicians of that time. I don't know what people drank from the world's water bottles back then - but there has obviously been an enormous push in creativity. What fascinates us as a band is the huge range of different styles, influences, concepts and ideas that flowed into rock music back then. We think that, compared to today, also buried the great musical advantage of that time. Today we too often stick to established recipes in rock music. But we want to leave the beaten path with our music again in order to be able to fully exploit the possibilities of creativity again. We don't care about role models and clichés.

Harald G .: I mentioned the genre term Psychedelic Rock in my opening words. Am I right with that, or how would you yourself describe your music appropriately?

The Weight: Psychedelic rock is, of course, all very well and good - a great source of inspiration for us. But we would like to oppose such genre thinking. A remarkable number of people associate very different styles and bands with our music. That is probably so because we - you and I - all always tie in with what is close to us and is familiar. We ourselves refer to our music as "Heavy Rhythm and Roll". That can of course be a lot and everyone can feel invited to find their own definition.

Harald G .:For our expert readers it is of course interesting who of you plays which instruments and with which equipment you work ...

The Weight: Andi plays a Keystone Set from Ludwig with a Supraphonic Snare. The cymbals come from Paiste (Big Beat or 2000 series). Mose plays a Fender Precision American Standard live with Custom Shop pickups via Orange AD200B full tube with 4x10 box OBC410. Michi is available live with his 57 Les Paul Junior and a new Fender Telecaster American Original and drives them over two Orange OR50s with a 4x12 and a 2x12 box, both also from Orange. Myself, Tobi, record a 66 Farfisa Comact Deluxe through an Echolette Me II amplifier. For the piano sounds I use a Korg SV1. As you can see, we are not just a vintage band. We try to combine the advantages of old and new.

Harald G .:I am assuming that you are on the road a lot live. What have been your most notable appearances so far?

The Weight:Of course, all support shows with big acts like Foreigner, Bastille, Rival Sons, Uriah Heep, Radio Moscow, Ten Years After etc. could be listed there. But whether you remember a gig depends less on its size than on chance. We also gave unforgettable concerts in front of 15 people. Because in the end, a concert only needs three things: musicians, an audience and the right location. Everything else is just a bureaucratic and organizational superstructure. Indispensable for the success of a band, but not essential for the magic and success of an evening. The only important question is whether or not there is a spark between the audience and the band. Seen in this way, it's like a first night of love. Always an adventure, anyway.

Harald G .:Of course you can purchase your works on a physical sound carrier and also as a digital download. Just tell our readers the sources of supply, and you will certainly have your own homepage where they can find out everything about you ...

The Weight:Thanks for placing your ad! Apart from the usual suspects like Amazon and Co., our music is also available in specialist shops and through our band's own label shop heavyrhythmandroll.com

Harald G .:Are there any special awards that you have received for your music?

The Weight: We were particularly pleased about this year's nomination for the Amadeus Award. It's nice to see when the work has a positive effect in our own country, even though we are consciously not under contract with any of the big labels.
Apart from that, we were impressed by the reactions from the trade press to our new album. As is well known, there is no arguing about taste and so it is very surprising that we have received almost exclusively positive and well-meaning reviews. That was an important confirmation to continue resolutely on our sometimes arduous path.
The visual interpretation of our single was also successful Trouble. With the video that was made in creative collaboration with our manager Jürgen and the artist collective "The Atzgerei" emerged, we made it into the selection of very different film festivals, most recently in the short film selection for Toronto. Let's see what else is coming.

Harald G .: Where else on the internet can you listen to your music, watch videos and read something about you?

The Weight:We are actually represented on almost all major channels such as Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Anyone looking for us will find us too ;-)

Harald G .:Radio broadcasts are still very popular, and I can well imagine that you have often been heard on the Internet radio or on the radio. Can you tell us something about this?

The Weight: An interesting question ... We are of course not a classic format radio band and, as in many other areas, we rely on the courage and assistance of far-sighted radio presenters. This also shows how much we in the music industry have barbed ourselves into thinking about genres and formats. But I promise you: in the end, we always convince (almost) everyone. Freely based on Kant: We find the exit from our self-inflicted musical immaturity. That is enlightenment in today's music world.

Harald G .:What are your future plans, e.g. also with regard to new releases?

The Weight:We are currently working on a new video. A live album will also come sooner or later. And apart from all that, we are busy writing new songs for the next record. There is always something to do.

Harald G .: On behalf of the editors and on behalf of our readership, I would like to thank you very much for this interesting and informative conversation. As usual at this point, the closing words may be yours. Is there anything you would like to give us along the way? In any case, I wish you all the best for the future, and I'll definitely see you at one or the other event.

The Weight:Thank you very much. Greetings to your readers too. Rock on!