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News from Regensburg and the Upper Palatinate

Matthias Kuffer (22) alias "Imisc", a former Regensburger Domspatz, produces songs in the "Chill Summer Dance Music" style. A new song should come out every four weeks.

Matthias Kuffer wants to take off: a new song is to be released every four weeks, every day the young music producer works alongside his studies as a "Music Technology Specialist" at the "Akademie Deutsche Pop" in Munich and a DJ course for his productions. The first three songs "Parachute", "Magic" and "What I Regret" can already be heard on Spotify and other streaming services.

The 22-year-old began playing the piano at the age of six. Later it went to the music high school of the Regensburger Domspatzen. He describes this time as very exhausting, despite many wonderful experiences such as the trip abroad to Taiwan or the final decision in Hamburg for "Jugend musiziert". But "classical music has always been too uncreative for me," says Matthias Kuffer. He also wanted more audiences his age. After graduating from high school, he first went to Australia and when he came back, he began - initially as a hobby - to produce his own songs and began studying business administration. But he realized more and more that he actually wanted to concentrate on music and dropped out of business administration two years ago.

"I didn't have a lot of technical experience," recalls Kuffer. At first he tried a lot, but already the first steps turned out to be promising. At the beginning there is always a main melody, explains Kuffer. He then plays them in with the help of a program, and he can also create other instruments and effects with the piano. In this way, many different "tracks" are gradually created, which he can combine into a song and save for the next projects. "My last project, for example, has 190 tracks," explains the producer.

So Kuffer composes and produces his songs himself, but he prefers to get others on board for the vocals. "I don't really want to sing myself," he smiles. "For that I use a website where producers look for singers or the other way around." The only challenge here is partly the communication, because you can't just try something out together. Especially not when the singer comes from Italy, as in the current project, and there are also language barriers. Often traces are then sent back and forth - until everything finally fits. He also has his music videos created on the website; such a video costs around 40 euros, reports the young producer.

It is his dream to be able to live from his music

Kuffer describes his style of music as a mixture of Avicii, Kygo and Robin Schulz: melodic summer music or, in his words, "Chill Summer Dance Music", a kind of mix of EDM and Tropical House. The 22-year-old builds his own stamp through many emotions in the songs, through a melancholy "that increases the mood". Because "the message should always be happy", says Kuffer. This is how his stage name "Imisc" originated from the English "I" (German: "I") and the Latin "miscere" (German: "mix"). That is ambiguous, explains Kuffer: "I mix songs, but I also mix styles."

His dream is to be able to make a living from his music and to hear it on the radio. And of course to play your own songs as a DJ. "You need a song that makes a difference," says the 22-year-old, explaining his strategy for success. Until then, he'll play the piano in a bar in Munich or let off steam on social media with a cover. He not only uses his creativity for his compositions, he also designed his website, logo and song cover himself. He doesn't have much free time, but you can tell: The ambitious 22-year-old has a lot of fun with his music.

You can listen to the first songs on the common platforms, for example on Spotify or Youtube. More information about new songs and all the latest news can be found on the Internet at and on his Instagram channel @imiscmusic.

A new song should come out every four weeks. - Photo: Flowtography