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Apple iOS: This is how you install the unc0ver jailbreak on iPhone and iPad


Thanks to the latest unc0ver jailbreak, you can crack all iPhones and iPads running iOS 11 to iOS 13.5. We'll explain to you how you can simply install the jailbreak on your device and free it from all shackles.

A breath of fresh air is coming to the jailbreak scene thanks to the new Unc0ver tool. If your iPhone or iPad runs iOS 11 to iOS 13.5, you can easily crack your device. If you have installed a jailbreak on your device, applications can be installed bypassing the App Store, and you can use countless practical extensions, themes and much more - everything that Apple does not otherwise allow. Do you have doubts whether you should really crack your device? You can find all the pros and cons of a jailbreak as well as the best Cydia tweaks in our large iOS 13 jailbreak article. In the following we explain how you install unc0ver on your device. We'll show you the installation method with a computer.

Note: It takes quite a few individual steps to install the jailbreak. Overall, however, the process is very simple and should be done in around 10 to 15 minutes. Of course, the installation of the jailbreak is done at your own risk. We are not responsible for the function or any damage to devices.

Install Unc0ver

  1. First download the latest iTunes version for your PC. Then you need the tool "AltStore", which you can download from the linked website. You will receive a zip file, unzip it to a location of your choice on the system. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC via USB.

  2. 1

    Start the installation of "AltStore" by opening the Setup.exe.

  3. 3

    If required, define an installation path and click "Next" again.

  4. 4

    Confirm the installation with a final click on "Next". If you are then asked whether you want to allow the installation, confirm this with "Yes".

  5. 5

    When the installation is finished, click on "Close".

  6. 6

    Open the start menu and type in "old server". Then open the application.

  7. 7

    A small arrow pointing up will appear in your toolbar at the bottom right of the screen. Click on it.

  8. 8

    Now click on the Diamand symbol of the application, click on "Install AltStore" and select your connected device in the menu.

  9. 9

    In the next step you should enter your Apple ID and the associated password. If you have privacy concerns, you can also create a disposable Apple ID and use it. Enter the data and confirm this with "Install". The "AltStore" application will then be installed on your Apple device.

  10. 10

    Open the settings on your iPhone or iPad.

  11. 11

    Switches to the "General" category.

  12. 12

    Now select "Device Management".

  13. 13

    Click on the "Developer App" with your Apple ID.

  14. 14

    Now click on the field containing your Apple ID and the word "trust".

  15. 15

    Click on "Trust" to confirm.

  16. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

  17. 17

    Tap the download button on the start page.

  18. 18

    Confirm the download by tapping on "Load".

  19. 19

    Now open the "AltStore" app on your device. Enter the Apple ID here that you previously used for the installation on the PC. Enter this and tap on "Open" or "Sign In". If you get an error message, reconnect your device to the PC and try again. For us it took a few tries before it worked.

  20. 20

    As soon as a new screen opens, tap on "Got It".

  21. 21

    Reopen Safari and open the downloaded file.

  22. 22

    Now tap on the share button at the top right of the screen and tap on "Copy to AltStore".

  23. 23

    AltStore opens. Here you can find "unc0ver". Tap the "7Days" button

  24. 24

    Once the installation is complete, you will find the unc0ver app on your device. Open it.

  25. 25

    Now start the jailbreak process by tapping on "Jailbreak".

  26. 26

    When the process is finished, the app asks you to restart. Confirm this with "OK".

  27. 27

    Your device will now restart. Then open the unc0ver app again and tap Jailbreak again. Now you have successfully cracked your device. You should now also find the "Cydia" app on your home screen. If not, try again. It took a few tries for us to install Cydia.

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