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Withdraw money for free in India

(As of May 2021) Withdrawing money in India can also be necessary when traveling around the subcontinent. Regardless of whether you are in New Delhi, Calcutta or Bombay, the amount to be paid is not always worth taking out your credit card.

In order to get cash, however, you need a credit card. With an EC card, you don't get very far at international ATMs. With the accounts from the comparison table below it is possible to withdraw free money in India. Thanks to attractive conditions, these accounts are not only particularly suitable for travel, they are also ideal as a free salary account.


Monthly fees

Withdraw free money worldwide

Pay for free worldwide

Credit card


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DKB Cash


VISA free

+ free withdrawals from any bank, including in Germany
+ Interest on credit

To the bank "




MasterCard free

+ Deutsche Bank branch network can be used

To the bank "



VISA free

+ 1% tank discount worldwide

To the bank "




VISA free

+ € 0 starting credit
+ Payments at Commerzbank possible

To the bank "

Tip: For longer stays abroad, it is advisable to conclude two accounts with a credit card for free international withdrawals, e.g. DKB (Visa) and norisbank (Mastercard). You are optimally protected in the event of loss, theft or blocking of a card and you have the advantage of being able to use the optimal coverage at ATMs with Visa and Mastercard.

Find the right card using our account comparison

When looking for a suitable credit card, a checking account comparison is helpful. The cheapest providers not only offer their customers a free current account, but also a free credit card. The special thing about these cards is that you can use them to withdraw cash from all ATMs around the world. Customers of branch banks and savings banks not only pay up to 150 euros a year for account management and credit cards. In addition, they are usually also charged with separate fees for cash withdrawals with the credit card. In view of the fact that other institutes provide these services free of charge, this is absurd. Go on vacation, withdraw money in India and the bank gets rich - that's how it could be paraphrased. So why shouldn't travel preparations also include a comparison of offers from other banks and a possible account change before the start of the trip? Refilling the travel budget with the saved account fees would not be such a bad idea. Switch accounts, go on vacation, withdraw money in India, and the bank doesn't get any of it - that's the fair way.

German account if you live in India

A German current account is also possible with a residence in India. Free account management, free international withdrawals and the option to open the account with a foreign residence make the international account an attractive offer.
Overview - German account with residence abroad

Currency in India

In India, the Indian rupee is a unit of currency that is divided into 100 paises. Bills of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 rupees are available. Bills for 1 and 2 rupees are also rarely found. Coins are issued at 1, 2, 5, and 10 rupees, as well as 5, 10, 20, 25, and 50 paises.

h3> Pay by card

Payment by credit card is possible in the big cities and tourist areas, but it is far from standard in India to use this cashless payment method. In addition, fees and interest are calculated. Travelers checks in euros are an alternative.

Changing money in India

The import and export of Indian currency is prohibited. In the big cities, the exchange of foreign currencies, also as travelers checks, is best possible in banks and exchange offices. Patience is called for, because there can be queues at both banks and exchange offices. Currency exchange is also possible at the airport. Some hotels require a receipt for an exchange before accepting payment in rupees. They want to be on the safe side that it is not black money. Recommended foreign currencies, with which there are no problems, are euros and US dollars. Travelers checks from American Express, Visa or Eurocard can also be exchanged easily. Private money exchange offers, which are often made on the street, should be rejected. When changing money, it can happen that very dirty and torn notes are issued, as banknotes are often in circulation for a long time. Here you should politely ask for better bills, as such shredded bills are not accepted everywhere. Otherwise, an exchange at the bank will help. In larger cities, cash can be withdrawn with the Maestro or credit card, but fees may apply for this.

Transfer from Germany to India

There are essentially two options for a money transfer to India. Either an international, fee-based transfer order is given to the house bank or savings bank or the services of a money transfer provider are used. Western Union or Moneybooker are those providers who can make a transfer worldwide quickly, but depending on the country and amount, corresponding fees also apply.

Whether in Goa, Delhi, Mumbai or Calcutta with the accounts from our comparison, withdrawing money is free in all of India.

Withdraw money for free in India:
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