I want to stay focused

Do you work in a concentrated manner despite interruptions and parallel tasks? Do you also have many tasks from different areas with high priorities (today! Immediately!) And the same quality standards (perfect! Tidy!)?

You have the feeling that the tasks are becoming too much for you. Concentration sinks to zero and attention wanes. And at the same time, men / women should always have an open and friendly ear.

Tips on how to stay focused, even when things get rough

  1. Brain food instead of chocolate bars. Instead of the quick sugar boost, enjoy healthy energy donors in between: trail mix, dried fruit, fruit salad and Co.
  2. oxygen: Ventilate adequately and regularly, it is best to end the lunch break with a short walk.
  3. Take care of one Comfortable workplace
    • change the posture. If possible, also work while standing or use a seat cushion in between to strengthen the back muscles
    • create optimal Lighting conditions
    • the nose also works with - Scents can relax or have a stimulating effect in everyday work
  4. Rituals that break the mind wheel. Create fixed rituals for regular relaxation during your day-to-day work: from planning breaks to active relaxation strategies such as breathing or yoga exercises via "table football" with colleagues in between.
  5. Train brain power. Just like your body, your brain needs daily exercise in order to remain efficient. This could be the development of new skills, memory techniques and creativity. From vocabulary training to Sudoku, from balance exercises to logic trainer, the challenge and the fun of training are important!

Additional tip: Create focus thanks to a free desk and good work organization.

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