Which dancer has the best dance moves

Chefboss introduces: the 9 best dance videos

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Rhythm is a dancer. Or a lot. Exercise is not only important for women from Hamburg
At Chefboss, the lightning bolts are made of gold, the live shows are made of explosions and the dancehall sound is made of dynamite: quiet is different. The debut album "Blitze aus Gold" will manifest this from March 17th, 2017.
For once, it shouldn't be about music at all, at least not mainly, but about one of the nicest minor things in the world of music - dance. And what's going on at Chefboss in this regard is unparalleled in German pop culture.
So we asked Maike and Alice - but yes, especially Maike, dancer and choreographer of the entire show - to put together a couple of dance videos from all over the world that were absolutely worth seeing. Which styles, which dancers do you have to have on your screen? Here are the answers.
“Legendary video, you have to know! Lil Amok is not only an extremely correct guy, but also incredibly good. The fireworks action has now become a series - and rightly so. "
“With Ibuki, it's amazing how fast and technically good she is and that she has an incredibly good feel for music at the same time. She dances Whaacking, a style that is unfortunately not really big in Germany. "
“The video is pretty well known and B-Boy Junior is a legend. Once you've seen him live, you can't believe that what he's doing works. Just unbelievable!"
“Kuduro has already become a little better known through Buraka Som Sistema. We love the energy of music and dance, there is definitely some talent to be seen in this video. "

Yak Films & Les Twins

“You don't have to say much about Les Twins, almost everyone knows them from music videos or advertising. Yak Films have long been making the coolest dance videos with dancers from all over the world. Simply nice. "

Chief Boss - Zombie Apocalypse (Dance Video)

“We and a couple of colleagues, a camera and an evening in the city. All styles in one video, dancehall, voguing and Krump. "
"Okay, okay, 414 million views, everyone probably knows anyway, but you just have to. The video is a masterpiece, and then just Tight Eyez and the craziest dancers in it! Perfect!"
“Robozee with a great video with finger tutting. Not just a nice guy, but incredibly good. "
"The hammer! We've been following the channel for a long time and the kids dancing is just fun. A lot of feeling, own styles! You should definitely check out the project. "