When should I not stroke my dog?

Oh, that's cute! May I stroke it?

Isn't that possible? But!

Sure, most of them are probably thinking: But this is not possible, as a dog owner you have to intervene! But I think that Emma doesn't have to be touched on the head by everyone. My dog ​​is not an animal from the petting zoo. In this situation one also recognizes the people who have experience with dogs. They don't just put their hand on the dog, they crouch down, hold out their hand and let Emma sniff first. Sympathetic, right? At least that's what Emma thinks. The person is then sniffed and if he was found to be good, he even has the honor and is allowed to stroke it. So I think it's absolutely fine. But honestly, the people who really know their way around dogs don't even want to touch my dog. They know that it doesn't necessarily have to be.

Treats? No thanks!

But what I find even worse are people who want to give my dog ​​a treat from their pocket. Uh, hello !? Would you have a stranger give you an unwrapped sandwich and eat it? Certainly not! Who knows where it's coming from, what's in there and how long it's been floating around in your pocket. That's exactly how I see it with dog treats. Maybe the treat has been lying around for years because it was never used or it is even rotten. In the worst case, it could even be poisoned. You hear more and more often that dog haters use poison bait or razor blades with liver sausage on common dog walks to kill the dogs. Then who says that the treat from the man's pocket isn't poisoned too? People can be so nice to me, but I'm the only one who feeds my dog.

My advice

So please, if you see a cute dog and you really want to stroke it, ask the owner first and let the dog sniff you first. He then decides whether that's okay with him or not. I think it's perfectly fine if a dog doesn't want to be touched directly by everyone. Therefore the dog is not less well trained or not well socialized, it just has character ;-)

And the dog certainly doesn't starve to death, so just leave the treats you brought with you in your pocket.