How can I smile openly

Smile (or not) application photo: You should keep that in mind!

You are allowed to smile at the application photo!

First things first: application photo and smile fit together, you can and should smile on your application photo. With and without teeth, both are allowed! However, you should always make sure that the whole thing doesn't look staged, says Marcel Hess, portrait photographer and expert for application photos at Canon Germany: "Some people tend to have too many facial expressions. That no longer works in accordance with the context. HR managers like to take a look friendly and confident smilebut also see when it is on. "

His tip, therefore, is the application photo have it done by a professional: "For this you should look for a professional studio that allows time for you to get a nice smile in a tense photo situation." You also get honest feedback on how your photo and your smile look on it.

Application photo should suit you and your job

Of course you have to not necessarily smile on the application photo, especially if you feel uncomfortable with it. Tries, soof course as possible to be in the photo and think about how you would like to look. On the one hand, your own personality should play a role, but also the job you are applying for.

You should also keep that in mind

In addition to the question of whether or not you should smile on an application photo, there are other important topics related to the photo in your application. We got over with expert Marcel Hess general requirements of your application photo and the question about the right clothes spoken.

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Which application photos do HR professionals like to see?

Marcel Hess: In my time as a portrait photographer, I often asked HR managers this question. The tenor of all was that she don't want to be distracted. It's not about dressing particularly nicely, but about how much effort you put into the application photo. For example, if you have a canditature Submit to a large corporation, then you will With an application photo for 12 euros you won't get very far. The application photo should be adapted to the occasion. You don't send dog-eared applications. It's the same with the pictures.

Don't take any risks when applying!

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What should the application photo look like?

You should look confident and open in the photo. A smile is welcome. Unusual formats also attract attention. You should never use a passport photo format. It's too standardized. You can't impress the HR manager with that. And it also dilutes "the first impression" a company makes of you. However, a picture that is too large is not recommended, because it puts you too much in the center of attention.

Do I have to wear business clothes?

That depends on the industry. In any case, it is advisable dress discreetly and avoid bright colors. An own goal is also scored with labels and brandings, even if these come from the company of your choice. Example: If you apply to Telekom with a magenta-colored tie, then that's more than daring. That would make you too ingratiated yourself. Women should be careful not to wear anything over the shoulder. A blouse that is too open-hearted can quickly become a problem. You should also be careful with striped ties. Stripes can make the application photo very restless. The focus is thus diverted from the face.

"Most photographers have offers for students"

Does the application photo also belong on the cover letter?

The trend has changed a lot. I always advise people: Make a separate cover sheet with the necessary address details and a photo. It should also be noted which company you are applying to as a what. That leads to a nice memory effect. If the HR manager prints out the application, he can immediately assign a picture to the application. In Write to and resume I would then no longer put a photo.

How much can an application photo cost?

I would rather say: how much should it not cost. I would not recommend machine photos. In my time as a portrait photographer, applicants often came to us who only took the raw digital data with them and then printed them out themselves. The quality suffers enormously because the standard printers do not have proper color management. In addition, there may be color casts and ultimately the application photo may look completely different than it was planned. Most photographers have offers for students.

For men: is a beard allowed in the photo?

A beard is okay when it's cleanly shaved. From my experience, I can say that some HR managers don't like to see three-day beards. Some find that neglected. Otherwise, of course, it depends on the industry: If you've studied something creative and want to go in that direction, it's okay to wear a beard. In the creative field, the tolerance is simply greater than in the classic engineering profession.


  • A smile on the application photo is from many HR professionals Welcome. But it should also be yours personality and the Job fit.
  • For a good application photo, it is advisable to go to a professional photographer to go.
  • Muted colors are advisable for your clothes in the photo, but business clothes don't have to be.