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Remus Lupine

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The one that turned gray early Remus John Lupine (March 10, 1960 - May 2, 1998), Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry's third year, is the first to understand his subject. In addition, he can teach the subject so interesting that Harry's whole class can enjoy it. He also trains Harry individually so that he can defend himself against Dementors with the Patronus spell. Over time, Harry finds out that Lupine was one of his father's closest friends while he was at school.

Lupin's childhood and his werewolf bite

Remus Lupine grew up as a half-breed. As a child he was bitten by Fenrir Greyback, a cruel werewolf, and from then on turned into a murderous beast, even in great pain, on every full moon night. Without being able to do anything about it, he had great problems making friends even as a child because of this socially outlawed disease. He learned that he had to hide his agonizing werewolf transformations. He was terrified of passing his illness on to others and felt himself to be an imposition and an impending danger.

  • As Joanne K. Rowling explained in her court testimony on April 14th, 2008, with the werewolf disease she shows how people react to a socially outlawed disease such as AIDS and to their correspondingly unfair social treatment.

Lupin's school days

Remus was accepted at Hogwarts in the 1970s only because the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore stood up for him. The fact that he turns into a werewolf when the moon is full was kept a secret from his classmates. So that he would not endanger anyone, Madam Pomfrey took him to an underground secret passage that led from the school grounds to the Howling Hut in good time on the nights of the full moon. The Whomping Willow was planted directly above the entrance of this secret passage to prevent anyone from following him or to prevent him from breaking out of his retreat as a dangerous werewolf.
Lupine was a good student. During his school days he was a member of the Gryffindor family, as were his best school friends James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. James and Sirius soon discovered Lupin's secret. Instead of withdrawing from him like others, they became animagi out of friendship with him, since werewolves are only dangerous to humans. James turned into a deer, Peter into a rat, and Sirius into a grim-like big black dog. In animal form, Lupine and his friends explored the area around the school and the village of Hogsmeade during the nights of the full moon. They recorded their knowledge of the area and the secret passages of the school in the marauder's map, which they created together. As a fifth grader, Lupine was promoted to prefect. The headmaster hoped in vain that Lupine could tame his friends Sirius and James. At the same time as Lupine, Lily Evans, whom he held in high esteem, and Severus Snape, whom he turned down because of his interest in black magic, were in the same grade at Hogwarts.
Like his school friends, Lupine joined the order of resistance against Voldemort after leaving school. The friendship was compromised when James and Lily Potter were apparently spied on and Lupine was suspected of being Voldemort's spy. Therefore Sirius and James did not let him in when instead of Sirius, the incapable Peter was made to keep secret for the whereabouts of the Potters.

Lupine as a teacher

In Harry's third year, starting September 1, 1993, Remus Lupine is hired as a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. The fact that Dumbledore is willing to appoint him to a teaching position despite his werewolf metamorphoses meets with reservations among the teaching staff. Professor Snape also expresses concern to the headmaster that Lupine was after all a former school friend of the dangerous Azkaban breakout Sirius Black. Dumbledore still stands up for him over all warnings. At his behest, Snape has to brew a dose of the newly developed so-called Wolfsbane Potion every month, thanks to which Lupine can maintain his consciousness during the transformation phases and withdraw into his locked office as a harmless wolf.
Since school starts right after the night of a full moon, Lupine uses the Hogwarts Express to get there to catch up on lost sleep. Therefore, he can protect the students from demented patrols while driving. The students are enthusiastic about his clear lesson design. He encourages the fearful and recognizes strengths in the apparent weaknesses of individuals.
Towards the end of the school year, Lupine and Sirius can work together to help Harry and his friends understand what Peter Pettigrew really did.
Despite his popularity, Lupine has to vacate his position at the end of Harry's third grade: Through a deliberate indiscretion, Severus Snape reveals him to the Slytherins as a werewolf. Lupine then leaves school because he finds the danger for the students too great due to the current experiences and wants to forestall protests from worried parents.

Lupin's situation afterwards

After his time as a teacher, Remus Lupine has found it increasingly difficult to find a job because new legal regulations worked out in the Ministry of Magic make this as good as impossible. His financial situation is therefore bad, which can already be seen in his even shabbier, worn clothes.
As in the first Order of the Phoenix, Lupine fights against Voldemort's dark rule from the start in the second. Because of his calm, considered and prudent behavior, he is recognized and valued in the order. Since 1996 he has lived with the werewolves as a secret agent of the Order of Resistance.

Although, and precisely because he is in love with Tonks and she returns his love, as a werewolf he has great inhibitions about entering into a love affair with her. It wasn't until Bill Weasley's werewolf injury in the summer of 1997 and Fleur Delacour's reaction to it that he realized that werewolves, too, are adorable and allowed to love. The two married in July 1997. When Tonks becomes pregnant soon afterwards, however, Remus catches up with his scruples and self-doubts whether he can expect his wife and his unborn child to be a socially ostracized werewolf. He takes refuge in solitude for a while, but then accepts his responsibility as a husband and father-to-be. In April 1998 he happily reports that their son Ted, named after Tonks father, was born. The newborn son is not a werewolf like his father, but a Metamorphmagus like his mother. In consultation with Tonks, he asks Harry to become their son's godfather.
Shortly after Remus' death at the Battle of Hogwarts, he appears to Harry along with Sirius, James and Lily as a memory figure. It becomes clear that Remus now affirms himself and his existence and regrets not being able to see the future of his son (HP VII / 34).


  • In the Roman legend, Remus is the twin brother of Romulus, the founders of Rome. The twin brothers were abandoned as babies and suckled by a she-wolf so that they could survive.
  • As a cover name for the underground station PotterWatch, Remus Lupine is logically called "Romulus".
  • Lupin's nickname is among his school friends Moony, a disrespectful allusion to Remus' addiction to the moon or fear of the moon.
  • John is the English and Low German derivative of the Hebrew-Greek Johannes, (Yahweh is gracious). The author commented that John was a common and boring name.
  • Remus Lupine's last name also suggests his existence as a werewolf. Derived from lat .: lupus = wolf, means lupine = wolf-like.

Information from Pottermore and from the book

Short stories from Hogwarts: heroism, hardship and outrageous hobbies
The father of the half-blooded only child Remus was the wizard Lyall Lupine, his mother Hope Howell a Muggle woman without magic powers. The reason for Remus werewolf bite was a provocative statement by his father, who, as an employee of the Ministry of Magic, was on business with Fenrir Greyback during the investigation into a werewolf offense. Greyback paid for the suspicion he was shown and Lyall's remark that werewolves should actually be killed, by making Remus a werewolf, and thus forcing his family to constant social and magical efforts to control his werewolf existence and ostracize him.
It was only very late that Lyall was able to bring himself to confess to his son the truth about the events that had changed the family's life so dramatically.

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